I am an industrial designer, looking for help in personal development.

Pavel Samuta Industrial 3D designer 🎨 / engineer mechanic ⚙ TV equipment, welcome to my website ➽

Last updated on January 30th, 2019

I am an industrial designer, looking for help in personal development.

8 years final product design from concept to production. Passion, devotion and faith - it is the core of my success.
I believe that to changing that's norm life. The philosophy of my thinking: "Always look for opportunities to achieve results, to help people"
My advantage:
- сomplex knowledge-oriented analytical and practical activities, flexible adaptation to changes in the content of professional activity.
Passion for sport utility formed character qualities of self-discipline, courage, will-power and active life position.
Tools: Kompas 3D - time more than 10,000 hours (3D modelling, 3D printing and engineering drawings, diagrams, plans, sketches, tables, calculations, specifications), Inkscape - time more than 2,000 hours(vector graphics for mobile and web interfaces, websites, icons, logotypes, flash banners and documentation design), Microsoft Office (Google Docs) - time more than 5,000 hours (presentations, documents).
The creation of a site on the platform Nethouse for more than 500 hours, HTML - used in the design of the my blog
Hobbi tools: Adobe Photoshop - time more than 1,000 hours(retouch), SolidWorks (3D modelling), Autodesk Inventor (3D modelling).
- Strong sketching skills
- Proficiency in 3D modeling
- Excellent 2D and 3D rendering skills
- Keen sense of style and details
- Excellent communication, problem solving, and collaboration skills
- Strong detailed design skills and a passion for accuracy
- Eagerness to share new technology proposals with your clients and team
- Decent sketching skills to clearly communicate ideas
- Proficiency in other technical design skills: research, low-fi and representative model making, dimensioned drawings, BOM, report writing
- Experience with rapid prototyping through managing relationships with third party suppliers
- Strong projects - new products, interesting challenges with unique solutions
My portfolio

I am a good technical performer, but I want to further develop my management skills in the field of project management of engineering ideas.

I would be grateful for any advice, I feel development in developing myself as a professional, maybe my knowledge can be applied to other areas and expand the scope of activities.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

February 6th, 2019

Hm, well, if you can afford an executive coach, you could get customized regular advice. Unfortunately the work world really likes to tick boxes when hiring. Generally most companies are not imaginative. They screen people through portals that don't look at anything holistically, just match keywords. And they rarely speak to you like a human.

Here's where I'd suggest you start. Throw away the idea that you need a resume. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. A resume can only tell someone what you've been asked to do instead of what you're capable of or interested in.

Identify your four criteria. Where do you want to be geographically? What industry lights you up? How do you like to be rewarded? And what kind of responsibilities keep you engaged and interested on a day-to-day basis?

These are things you may never have asked yourself without limits. Remove the limits. Don't worry about what you've seen, imagine what you actually want.

Do research. Look for companies that are doing interesting things that match ALL FOUR of your criteria. Find out what they're up to, and consider what things they should be thinking about as opportunities for their growth. Introduce yourself in a letter to the head of any of those companies that match your four criteria. Demonstrate how you think by asking leading questions. Remove the words "I" and "me" from your letter. See what happens.

People make decisions about who they want to work with based on two main factors. 1) will I be embarrassed if I hire this person? and 2) do they think like I do? Demonstrate that you think alike, that there are opportunities in front of them. Don't offer to help, just ask if you can have a conversation to learn more about them. They're not stupid, they'll understand that if they invite you they get a person that they're interested in. Remember, remove the "I" and "me" from the conversation. Don't talk about a job. Just ask questions, be authentic, take a genuine interest in what they care about.