Product Development

I am looking for R&D support related to Air coolers

Gaurav Kohli Visionary and Adaptable

November 29th, 2019

Can Air coolers be made in modular form. East to ship, easy to store and easy to use.

Gopi Mattel Director, Local chapter at The Founder Institute

November 30th, 2019

Has anyone tried a Peltier Effect cooler? Fitting a large simple panel that can go into walls and roofs, with the heat facing side on the outside of the building?

Srinivasa (Moorthy) Chief Executive Officer at Andhra Pradesh Electronics & IT Agency

November 29th, 2019

Mostly Air coolers are modular if they are plain vanilla system is modular. But the system needs the water tank, cooling pad and the pump for the water to circulate and a blower to blow cold air. This is something assembly dependent and there is no way user can put it together. I have spent time designing IoT enabled air coolers. What I see missing is the need for ice cold water which can be replaced by some other mechanisms available to make it efficient. I am not sure what is your ultimate aim based on that the effort will make sense. It is brutal market and works in places where the humidity is less

Srinivasa (Moorthy) Chief Executive Officer at Andhra Pradesh Electronics & IT Agency

December 2nd, 2019

We have tested Peltier effect units instead of ice cubes in the water. Peltier effect controller take more power generate cold air and the heat generated can't be used so efficiency is low

Thomas Sutrina Inventor at Retired Pursue Personal interrests and family

December 2nd, 2019

Need some bounds. The customers and the amount of cooling in energy units and the price range. Note puncture a CO2 small bottle will cool the air. Compressed air through a simple device can put out cold air on one port and hot air on the other. Evaporate water into dry air will cool the air. And all these principles are use to make liquid oxygen and hydrogen.

Mr. Kelly Johnson Looking for Co-founder

December 3rd, 2019

Peltiers can, but I would need more specifics. I've developed air coolers and liquid coolers with them. They are wildly inefficient as liquid cooler and ludicrously inefficient as air coolers, but depending on what you need to cool and other factors, could still be a good choice. Assuming you mean room AC, then no they are not the tech you are looking for. There are plenty of small room AC units you can buy.