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I have a nice, profitable business but am lacking the online marketing chops to scale it. What should I look for in a marketing partner/co-founder?

Phil Alwitt Founder MyCore Health. Proven product generates revenue. NEED MARKETING COFOUNDER.

May 14th, 2019

I launched MyCore Health, Inc. and the CoreCoach product a couple of years ago. I have some really high-quality marketing assets. After working with Facebook advertising to drive sales to videos and my website, the results were just shy of my target. It's now just selling itself on Amazon in low volume. I want to find a marketing co-founder/partner to drive sales and scale the business. Question: What kind of qualities would you look for in a consumer product marketing partner? ( is the current placeholder website for your reference)

Clay Nichols Helping other startups grow after launching 2 successful startups.

May 15th, 2019

What sort of sales experience do you have?

If you could magically improve one metric (web visitors, conversion rate, etc), what would you choose?

Dalton Osuka Board Member at San Jose Downtown Association

May 14th, 2019

Greetings Phil,

I just checked out your project and here’s some feedback I have for you.

As a former NCAA athlete and former Golden Glove boxer, I had some back pain, so if this is a guaranteed solution you’ll have a strong market.

1) Website: though you may have a great product, the User Experience is key. The website needs to be modernized to retain attention. UX design is part of my skill set, so paying attention to design detail is key

2) Social Media Marketing: You must utilize athlete and the market of all social media with proper content

3: SEO: Make sure you have a strong Search Engine Optimization

Just a few of many tips. Hope that helps. If you need further assistance let me know.

Great Product & Good Luck!

David M

Last updated on May 16th, 2019

My 2 away with the gimmicky sales approach. There are a LOT of back pain improvement devices. I know people fall for the whole 50% off. But as someone who has dealt with back issues, I have never bought into it. I see "50% off" or "Buy now and get this" and my impression is "gimmick that probably doesn't work." Again..not saying people have not made a mint with that used car sales approach to products. But if I were running the company, I would focus less on price and more on results because if you do have something great, people will pay more than $39.98.

YOUR story is more important than the 50% off sales pitch. And I almost did not get to it because again, every night on the TV I see the miracle back device. So, if I were you, take the "as seen on TV" esq approach and throw it in the trash as fast as you can. Front and center, tell the viewer YOUR story. That gets my attention more than "At 39.98 this thing is probably mass produced for cents on the dollar in China and probably doesn't work." Instead I think "Ok it worked for this guy, so maybe it can work for me."

And what it appears your product does is needed and can help a lot of people. But you also need to have literature on how to correct herniated discs which is where a great deal of back pain comes from. Without properly aligning the discs, your device is pointless. Most do not understand the dynamics of the spine. So when you hunch over, you herniate the discs into your spinal canal. Part of the reversal process is decompressing those discs and then doing the proper exercises that reverse the herniation and press the disc back into the correct position in combination with strengthening the back and muscles to support proper disc alignment.

This guy does a great job of explaining the dynamics of the back. I would find a personal trainer like this who has a following. Granted he may not buy into your device. Point is, you need the whole picture. Your device alone isn't going to lead to long term back health. But I can see how it could be part of the overall picture. And that is what I would focus on. Because if you take the approach that your device is the one stop end back pain (which again..its not) you are going to lose the mass of the back pain customers you need...and those are the ones who have tried all those devices and are not willing to waste more money.

Tony B All knowledge is self knowledge. Keep learning. Stay hungry.

Last updated on May 16th, 2019


Congratulations for getting this far! It sounds like you've got a healthy and welcome challenge to try and break through. Based on the initial information you've provided and a brief discovery on your product, here are a few things that might get you moving in the right direction on finding a good fit for your marketing.

I am assuming that some of the challenges you are going to face with this sort of product is a little less straight forward since this is very niche. Meaning that not all back pain can be relieved from this specific product so you'll need to be looking for someone with a background in precision marketing, strong visual communication and good analytic skills for identifying more targeted audience channels that this product is "more likely than not" going to connect with.

SEO, keywords and online marketing are part of your toolset and shouldn't be discounted, but not where your primary focus should be. If your audience feels they have tried everything, then the economics of behavior suggest the conversion rate will be lower and more challenging for you at the onset. You'll need someone that can communicate efficiently and emotionally to get past these trust barriers. There is a bit more to this mentioned below. Basically; Why should anyone trust this solution when they've tried so many things in the past and never heard of this option through their trusted physicians or previous efforts?

The nature of the product also infers a proactive effort. Possibly more than most are willing to put into an unfamiliar product when they've felt physically and mentally defeated for so long. You're going about the correct posture on your money back guarantee, but price point and financial triggers have less impact than the end results or "probability" of end results in this particular case. So this is also going to be an organic and emotional barrier to conquer, so you'll need a much stronger supporting social community for your audience. This will be key since not everyone will be impacted in the same way with the same physical results, but still need the support and drive to get to where they need to be. So also look for someone with a strong social media background with an emphasis on building communities and not just likes, photos and comments. Shared knowledge and community support goes a long way here.

Partnerships with the medical and fitness community should also be a bigger priority. Although you may be set up for partnerships in spirit and through the website, these particular partnerships need more proactive stimulation. You'll need someone with tradeshow and B2B experience and may also need another partner with the actual personality and sales experience to help execute and build these relationships. Start small and don't be afraid to build up. This can also be instrumental on continued product improvement at point-of-service as well as marketing communications for point-of-sale. All of these opportunities translate into potential acceleration for your product so make sure that whatever efforts you and your marketing person put into this, that you have a way to measure your efforts with tangible results. Basically if you and your partner hits or misses, you'll have a better chance to redirect or double up your strategy with more efficiency.

So find someone with good analytic and problem solving abilities to consolidate your efforts for greater impact. Strong visual and written communication to drive calls-to-action. Someone patience and determined to track your efforts to make sure you're not just wasting time and money.

I'll stop here for the moment and we'll see what others can contribute. Cheers!

Blazin Multimedia Marketing Ninja, Tech Guru, Blockchain Bully, Serial Entrepreneur

May 16th, 2019

Hi Phil,

There are 2 main things I'd recommend taking into consideration.

1.) 1st is historical sales and ROI generated from their efforts

2.) 2nd is diversity in traffic generation strategy.

The consumer product marketing space is riddled with many one-trick ponies who rely on tunnel vision marketing strategy. We've seen some many large, profitable companies come to a screeching halt because all their eggs were sitting in one basket.

You should never depend or get comfortable with revenue growth produced by ONE traffic source because, things WILL change! No one controls the platforms ie. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay etc. and they can and will change the rules, suspend, ban merchants and get more and more competitive annually.

Big box retailers like Walmart, Amazon etc are getting extremely shrewd and playing unfairly with smaller consumer brands as well, forcing minimal margins or developing their own private label equivalents to eat away at your market share.

So when looking for a marketing partner their portfolio of traffic generation strategies should be diverse as well as have a strong historical track record of ROI and sales growth. I'd love to discuss more feel free to connect. Thanks

Santo Polanco From Brooklyn

May 14th, 2019

This is a CPA campaign. Reach out to companies who specializes in affiliate marketing campaigns. Sent from my mobile; pls excuse typos