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I have an ebook being published on Amazon on Mon and want suggestions on promoting it. Thoughts?

Jasmine Alexander

April 19th, 2016

Book is about organizing your personal and life information - including legal documents such as wills and advance directives.  Many of you here are entrepreneurs and if you haven't taken care of such things, would be better off if your affairs are in order - for your sake and your spouse's sake.

I am looking for suggestions on how to promote the free download of the ebook during the first 24 hours.  That seems to be the window.   Webinars?  Periscope?  Blab?

David Thalberg Founder, BrandStand; President at Stryker-Munley Group

April 19th, 2016

Jasmine - 

First, congratulations on the publication of your book. That's a huge accomplishment.  Now the fun begins: getting people to BUY your book!

A few steps to achieving quick, and then longer run sales:

1. At least 1 week prior to publication date, send an email to your mailing list, alerting them of the pending publication of your book. You want to encourage everyone on your list to do 2 things:

You should also post on all of your Social Media feeds - offer at least one "tip of the day".
That's just the start.  Post and pitch to LinkedIn Groups that your associated with. Post and pitch to like-minded organizations, local media, etc.

And most of all... Believe in yourself and use all of your positive energies!

Betsy Ehrenberg

April 20th, 2016

Send a copy to the late night hosts (including Colbert), the MSNBC hosts (Rachel and Chris)! Betsy Ehrenberg "Dedicated and Skilled for Success"

Lester de Souza Building community for entrepreneurs

April 20th, 2016

Since I am new to this forum, not sure about what is an appropriate post here. So, some questions rather than statements -
Who else have you partnered with / co founders?
Are co-founders an option?
What market are you looking at?
Have you done any market research / tested the existing interest in the market or are you looking to create a market for the product?

It seems you have a substantial list on LinkedIn.  Are you marketing to them?
Will watch your progress with interest!

Bharat Gupta Co-Founder, Managing Director at Oxhide Leather Pte Ltd

April 20th, 2016

Create a website, which gives teaser information about book. Create blogs. Create facebook pages. Keep one thing common in all these, those who access these pages, allow them free download, provided they share about your book on social media. If you ask people to buy directly, chances are 1 in 50. But if its recommended by someone chances increase 10 fold. So if a person shares info about your book on his/her facebook page , it would reach out to 200 people, Good chance of 5 people buying it.Let me know if you need more help, am working on a similar project.

Victoria Cabrera Marketing Coordinator at Patxi's Pizza

April 19th, 2016

Did you search discussions on FD before posting this?
 Actually a bunch of conversations on this already - here's one http://members.founderdating.com/discuss/51/Any-advice-on-selling-my-ebook-online

Andrew Chapman Publishing Entrepreneur and Author

April 19th, 2016

Actually, Jasmine, I would recommend delaying your giveaway; next Monday is too late to create anything with real traction, unless you already have a huge following. (And if you did, I'm guessing you wouldn't be asking.)

Just do a soft launch right now and personally talk up the book to your friendly contacts -- people who will read it and give you useful feedback. You may come to learn there are areas in need of improvement, as well as pesky typos that got missed despite ten rounds of proofreading. This will allow you to iron these out and upload a revised file before your "real" launch.

As for when that should be, it's a tough call. Next month is still quite early to build a buzz, but the summer is generally a bad time to launch something like this. People don't want to read serious stuff in the summer, not to mention being preoccupied with vacation, kids off school, outdoor activities, etc. For this reason, and I know you're going to hate hearing this, I recommend your official launch be in September or October.

The reason you want such a lead time (though if it weren't summer, I'd say 90 days) is because you want to set up and conduct teleseminars, webinars, in-person teaching, guest blogging, article contribution, share a teaser chapter, etc. These things take time to create and promote. The goal is to get a LOT of eyes on your Amazon listing on that free launch day... so these methods will help with that.

Now, if you have your reasons and insist on next Monday, you can do these things after the fact. Just realize that it'll be hard to create a big bang on Monday. As David Thalberg pointed out, you'll really need to work your list and social media; there's practically no other option with only a few days left.

Oh, and remember to build your Amazon Author Central page (authorcentral.amazon.com). This is often overlooked, but it's a great thing to develop over time. Having it establishes you as a more serious author and gives you another spot in the Amazon "ecosystem." Google for tons of info on how to best work it as a promotional tool.

Congrats, and no matter what, have fun with it!

Frankie Picasso Social Impact Champion, Founder & Radio Host, The Good Radio Network

April 20th, 2016

Hi Jasmine, all good suggestions so far, but the easiest and best in my opinion, especially  if you want a BESt seller( even for a day) is to build momentum through social media, contacts, etc and ask EVERYBODY to wait to buy your book  until a certain day and time of your choosing. It can be in a Week, a month..it doesn't matter. Even if your book goes on Amazon next week, don't tell anyone or if you do, pick  a date in the future say, MAY 26th and then ask family, friends, etc to please wait to buy it until 10 am ..get your book website up ASAP. Do a countdown.Build interest and REMIND FOLKS a week,  a day, hour by hour and the. GO BUY IT NOW..Some folks get gifts as giveaways to encourage sales, I don't think they are necessary especially if you reach the right target market for you.
The MOST IMPORTANT thing is you don't want folks buys in driba and drabs. You want them to all go en masse and DRIVE YOUR BOOK SALES UP in the category of your choosing so that for that day, hour, you have a BESt selling book. 
I would also engage an online book strategist and if you don't know one, I have the best in the biz. Please contact me at frankie@thegoodradionetwork.com and I will,give you the name, You might also hire a book publicist to help get you on radio shows like mine. I work with a number of publishers and publicists. I also have one myself as I am myself a  two time author and get interviewed all the time. Hope this helps,,Frankie


Alan Petzold ECC / Evolving Coal Corp

April 23rd, 2016

Hi and congrats!!!  Besides the above I would also recommend to have someone (third party reference) write an article or testimonial about your Book. The BEST way to do this is to go to Fiverr.com.  YES with a double "rr".  For just starting for $5.00 to about $35.00 you can have a professional write this up about YOUR eBook.  This is a cool site.  Also you can get your name out on the web with certain words that are used daily. I mean like 15,000 to 60,000 times per day.  There are people on Fiverr  who can help you with this too.  This is a very interesting site for you and very inexpensive.  Hope this Helps and Good Luck!!!  Alan / infoSeeker007

Peter Rafelson Founder at Activate Her Voice

April 20th, 2016

DigiRAMP.com is a platform for self admin, publishing and distro with a social media, promo and retail component - take control, share, post, sell all with your own control of rights...  Many folks are now using it as a market place for audio-books, music and all forms of commerce.  Great for promoting - you control the terms and price.

Linda Leon Owner at MVP Professional Productions

April 22nd, 2016

You need more lead time if you want to have a successful launch.  If I were you I would reschedule the free days and spend 3-6 months building an email list and identifying a specific group of people to market the book to and then find where those people are that you have identified.  For example if you are trying to reach younger people the places you will find them are not the same as where you would find people over 60.  Your target needs to be as narrow as possible to give you the best chances of making sales. www.bookmarketingprofessionals.com has great books on starting a launch.