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i have startup idea based on robotitc and have no funds.can anyone suggest how cofounderslab is helpful in finding a right cofounder and fund raiser ?

vivek l alex mechatronics engineer

Last updated on August 15th, 2019


Peter V Creativity is my thunder

Last updated on August 16th, 2019

I can't speak from the cofounders site perspective since I am just a user and I am not related to them in any way, and so I will leave that to them to answer. From my perspective (as a regular member) I would suggest that you start by posting details about the industry that you are in (robotics can be used in so many different ways). What kind of problem are you solving and who's your potential customer, what are your competitive advantages? Many people are afraid to share their ideas and thoughts because "someone else will steal them". Reality is ideas are worthless, it's all about execution. I know what you are thinking that your idea is about to revolutionize the market - right? But.... if you can't make it happen your idea is worthless. So, what I suggest you to do, is to post details about your plans and may be there will be people who are interested, willing and capable of working with you to make it happen. In other words finding partners and investors is about building a relationship with people. Start building those relationships if you want to be sucessfull.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

August 19th, 2019

CFL is useful at a later stage of development. You haven't gotten out of the idea phase into a business plan and tested your assumptions or validated your marketing strategy. These basic research steps are not going to cost you money, but they will put you in a credible position to say "Here's what the product will look like, what these specific customers are willing to pay for it, and here's how I know it's true." An idea is worth no money, and at the earliest stage, asking anyone to take ALL the risk of building a company from the idea or raising money is ludicrous. You don't even know how much money it will take, and if your idea is something people will buy.

The best CFL can do right now is guide you through the steps of idea development, product development, business planning, and maybe at the end of that you'll actually have something that can be turned into a company. But there's no one here to build your company for you unless you're willing to pay them to do it.