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I'm launching an online marketplace What are the most important aspects overlooked and critical to success?


January 15th, 2017

I'm currently building an MVP for my online marketplace (marketplace ~ Etsy.com). Since this is the first time I'm doing this, I'm feeling like there are many aspects of the marketplace that are easily overlooked, or which Im not educated on yet.

What are the various aspects that are often overlooked, yet are critical to the success of a Buy/Sell marketplace (multi-vendor)?

I'm keeping this question vague to start and then will probably follow up with more specific questions based on the feedback I receive!

Thank you.

Katerina Muradyan PM at Newmanity, love to discover and learn

January 16th, 2017


I would start with defining the processes you would like to have in your marketplace. Try to have a big process like search / find/ buy some object and here you have already 3 different processes... I think you will see the overlooked aspects right away.

Hope it helped

Max Avroutski

January 16th, 2017

Most companies overlook how they will get sellers and buyers cost effectively to the site. They just build stuff without knowing their cost structure, thinking that their marketplace so cool and have such awesome features that everyone will start immediately using them, forgetting that they are building one tree in a forest of trees.