Collaborative Consumption · Educational resources

I want to educate my consumers the most ethical and efficient practices. Is there a way I can make the educational courses a standard in my industry?


May 17th, 2020

I have an ecommerce website that focuses on selling products to optimize the consumer's personal live display of marine life. that industry of focus has a huge problem with "experts" spreading knowledge of routines that end up being inhumane, dangerous, or ineffective a majority of the time. There is a vast amount of "finding what works best for you" practices. Where should I start this adventure?

Maxi moon Founder and Project leader of Trusted Animal Files, out of the box thinker, integrity

May 17th, 2020

Maybe with a Vlog or explanatory site? I'm in a similar situation.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

May 20th, 2020

You have to start by testing your 3 assumption that your consumers want to become educated or that they care about ethics or efficiency. Does your industry see any of these things as problems? Do they want to change? Why haven't they already? Becoming a standard is a steep hill to climb. Remember, most people aren't comfortable with change and that education tends to be a slow process. What can you do to make change fun? What's the personal benefit to the consumer, not the marine life?