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I want to know which is the best OTT video platform?

Luna Oviya Product Specialist

December 11th, 2019

Hello Everyone!!

I am a little bit confused in choosing OTT video platform. There is so many OTT video platforms in the market with different features. I want to know which one is good for movie & TV streaming. I found the following list :

  1. IBM Cloud Video
  2. Vplayed
  3. Kaltura
  4. Contus Vplay
  5. Ooyala
  6. Quickplay
  8. ToTheNew
  9. Zebra OTT
  10. Vidmind

Bree Brouwer Content marketer for B2B Video/Tech

December 14th, 2019

Hey Luna! I disagree with Paul in that your question is far too specific for this site. I saw it on my daily email rollup, and I specialize in video tech and marketing; I've worked with OTT providers Zype, Vzaar, and (and full disclosure, I'm currently working with Uscreen on a contractor project). So, I wanted to make sure you got a decent answer.

I suggest you start out by googling some of the companies you listed and seeing if any of them immediately don't match your needs/business type. For example, Ooyala is now a part of Brightcove, which is aimed more at enterprise-level businesses (they note some of their customers are Ford, Sony, and BBC). Companies like Uscreen, Muvi, and Pivotshare are capable of supporting smaller businesses and creators.

It's best you sit down and figure out exactly why you need an OTT, and what features you need out of it for the OTT services to be worth it for you. Then compare this list to some of the platforms you found, try a demo, and see what you think! And remember, you can always change platforms later if you realize it's not working for you -- just make sure you don't sign a locked-in contract if you don't want to.

John Smith Growth Hacking

December 26th, 2019

Hey Luna, There are thousands of small and medium-sized media businesses and content creators are launching their own OTT apps every day.

If you are looking to build OTT platform! I highly recommend Vplayed could be a better choice. The Platform packed with pre-equipped features like Multi Device Support, Fastest Playback, Cross platform analytics, DRM Support and more.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

December 11th, 2019

Luna, unfortunately your question is far too specific for an audience that comes here to ask their own questions and not hang out. Most people won't even know what OTT is. My recommendation is to choose a different audience to ask your question, somewhere that people who only care about video content hang out. There are probably video production forums, video consumption enthusiasts, and video creation forums that are full of engaged people who know a lot about what you're asking. The number of people here who do can probably be counted on one hand. And the number of those who will see your question is probably zero.

Good luck.