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I would like to get some tips on how to start attracting users for my fashion app

Gina Benavides I am a talented and dedicated software engineer

January 10th, 2018

Hi, I am launching a website and mobile app to help people with fashion and beauty style, but now I am a little stuck in how to get users and grow from there. I would like to get some ideas and tips and how to start attracting people some marketing advises. Thanks a lot

Stefan Repin

January 10th, 2018

Hey Gina? First question who is your ideal customer? Where does he or she hang around, websites, interests and so on. I think i would start with having a good blog, seo optimize it and posting regularly on instagram and pinterest pics of well dressed people and give a link to your website where u explain what fits what and why. I would use that advice:) My last question would be how do u want to monetize? Brand affiliation? Own fashion brand? Sell your personal advice? These things matter a lot.

Johann Hanekom Director - Veleration (Pty) Ltd

January 11th, 2018

Hallo Gina. Since you are a dedicated software engineer, I assume your website is build with good SEO principles and I would suggest optimizing it for Inbound Marketing as well. From there, you have to know who you want to reach, as some people tend to care less about fashion than others. You want to get to the right kind of person, for they are the ones who in the end will become your leads and eventually turn into customers. Elderly people for instance, might not be so hyped on fashion as teenagers and adults. When you have determined that; you have to find out the type of person, their gender, their interests, their profession, their challenges regarding fashion, etc,. Once you have all that information, you can start to create content that covers the challenges they have with fashion with potential solutions. You can do this through blogs, videos, info-graphics, eBooks, whitepapers, presentations and any other forms of content. It is important to distribute the content you have created on relevant platforms such as your website, social media, landing-pages, calls-to-action and marketing emails. In your case I would suggest using Facebook, as fashion is also a social thing. Twitter might also be an option and if you can provide good quality videos, YouTube. Include appropriate visuals in your content, as images and videos, lead to more reaction from readers. Remember to always include calls-to-action in your content, as this will allow those who want to know more, subscribe to your blog or newsletter. This is long term process and will not give you millions of leads and subscribers overnight, but it is a fail-proof method if implemented correctly. How often should you write a blog or publish a piece of content? Since you are in the start-up process, I suggest as many times as you can. This will increase your presence on the internet and in the long run, you will be the "Go-to-Girl" when it comes to fashion. Hope this helps.

Burhan Haider 20 year’s Old.Top manger at Usaleatherz.In process to open my own business.

January 12th, 2018

Find your primary target market your main customers by some research and then target them.Social media is a great platform where you can start.Try with Facebook first open a page about your product or service and then promote it.You can also pay little fee to Instagram influencers who have huge following and they can post about your app and website on there page and it will give you lot of traffic on your app and website.Be careful and do research before advertising or marketing because you have to know who your main audience is and then you can market your product or service.You can also do promotion on YouTube in which either you can open your own YouTube channel and promote your product or you can email fashion or beauty channels on YouTube that you want to promote your product and how much they will charge.I have experience in marketing and I will be glad to help you so if you have questions or need help message me good luck.

Luke McAllister

January 10th, 2018

Hi Gina, I run an influencer marketing agency and I also have a similar startup. Lets chat:)

Atish Sharma Co founder

January 10th, 2018

Fashion is something girls are really crazy for. Even my own cousin is fashion geek. Begin with people around you, start sharing application with your friends, colleagues, family and friends and know the feedback and get it updated as they desire and if it's okay, ask them to share it with their friends and colleagues. Start sharing on all social media again and again or even contact some advertising websites to share your application advertisement on other websites which will make your application more usable. Use best punchlines and attractive adjectives. I hope all this would help you. I'm looking for some kind of work to work with you, maybe as a adviser or anything you'd like.

@startupjames Biz dev top performer looking for a new project

January 10th, 2018


I had been working with a startup in Redmond Washington and I discovered the wonder of instagram influencers. I like both mollieinseattle and blackwhiteandbrunete> These are just local gals here but they are everywhere with every kind of fashion. Many have tens of thousand followers. Black white has 20k and most have blods with large followers as well.

Content is and will always be king. If you can find a way to leverage their time and attention ( something free they can show off ) you can get a deep reach quickly and in most cases I would guess it to be free.

I have a fashion app idea I would love to chat with you about sometime. I'm a typical jeans, sneakers and sweaters pnw guy so not the best at fashion.

I hope it helps.


Alok Kankanawadi Cofounder, B-Ciwill Constructions

Last updated on January 11th, 2018

Initially sponsor for some local college events and market your website and mobile app there. Make your business famous locally then automatically it will grow as your confidence increases.

Vinayak Rahate Programmer, Real Products Exp, ERP Solutions, Android Apps

January 11th, 2018

Promote your app on Google Play, do Facebook advertising, SEO your website.

Rafael Baghyan Cofounder Achigo digital marketing agency amd business partner of Preezma (software development)

January 10th, 2018

How do users get fashion or beauty suggestion ?

It will help us or me especially to advise you some effective tips.

I have some experience in developing fashion/ retail projects.

kemar robinson Ceo of the Cherry Tree Inc.

January 10th, 2018

Start an Instagram page and use It that to promote your