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If I want to build a startup in future then should I take job in another startup or settled company?

AKSHAY DUDANI Full Stack Web Developer

March 11th, 2016

I want to take 2 year of experience before I go for my startup. So should I go for job in startup or in company coming to placements in college?

And I don't like java development and I want job of Web development.

My query is, since companies will be coming in 5 months and  I don't want to apply there. But family wants me to secure job at startup before they come. How will I get jobs being in college. I'm ready to work part-time until my college gets over. Please suggest me a way out. I'm stuck at this. 
Please tell me in detail. 

Also, if someone has web development jobs for freshers please connect. I'm passionate about web development and learning various technologies like MEAN stack.

John Seiffer Business Advisor to growing companies

March 11th, 2016

I hate it when people bring up Zuckerberg, Gates, Steve Jobs as role models for aspiring entrepreneurs. Those people are freaks of nature. It's like saying, "You like basketball? Great. Just do what Michael Jordan did." Well all the players in the NBA can't do what Michael Jordan did and they are the top 1%. So no most people who drop out of college won't create facebook. 

And a lot of those "best tech entrepreneurs" who dropped out were pulled out. They had started a business while in college and it grew so well it sucked them away. I don't see Akshay doing that so my advice to him is stay in school, get a job and build your company on the side till it grows so well it sucks you away from your day job. 

Glenn Donovan Vice President of Sales (fractional)

March 11th, 2016

Please read your question again and understand how confusing it is. You ask about how to best prepare to join a startup. Then mention that your family wants you to have a startup job. Then mention your family is putting pressure on you to get a job so they can "come". And then ask about jobs for "freshers" - 4 different points. So, first things first, given your inability to communicate coherently, I wouldn't hire you for any job - startup or other. 

I'll just deal with what to do to get a job in a startup:

I am a 25 yr veteran of the tech startup world and now consult to startups. One of the recent trends seems to be recent grads doing startups with little to no work experience. I find this laughable. Startup is a much more challenging work environment than a job you will find in an established company. You will have much less structure, fewer resources, poorer leadership and management, and also will face huge goals and challenges.

Question: Why on earth does someone with no work experience - no less, successful work experience where they were promoted, got raises etc. - think they can jump into a startup and be effective and successful?

Startup failure rates are higher than ever, and i think in part its due to lack of actual work experience and skills on many startup teams (also due to bubble economics driving imbecilic investment strategies by VC/Angels). But even in the best of circumstances, with experienced, talented people (and I'm sorry I can't tell if you are a talented worker by your college transcript, i want to see real work experience), the failure rate is very high. Startup is hard, you should know what your doing, not just have ambition and a desire to 'do a startup'.

My advice? Get a job with a great company that will help you develop your skills and work habits and business knowledge. Gain practical knowledge and also focus on excelling at your work. Get promoted, get raises - these are confirmations that you actually are a good worker. Get a supervisory/management job and be good at it.

Then join a startup that has a good idea, is well capitalized and is run by adults who have a clue as to how to run a business. 

As for what to do as a "fresher", which I guess means you are a freshman, well, I suggest you bear down on your studies and master the subjects you are studying. 

John Seiffer Business Advisor to growing companies

March 11th, 2016

If you have the chops to get a good job out of college I would do it - make as much money as you can and sock it away. A cushion of money will be one of the best things you can do for starting your business.

Also you don't have to quit your job to start a company. Many are started nights and weekends. That way you get to experiment and pivot and learn without going broke.

PS I say this as someone who has always been an entrepreneur but when I graduated college (1976) the world was very different. 

Alvaro Maya Founder Utopia

March 17th, 2016


I have an startUp and we are looking for people like you. If you are interested contact me.

AKSHAY DUDANI Full Stack Web Developer

March 11th, 2016

@Glenn Donovan Sorry for that confusion. What I meant was,

I want to do startup in future after taking some work experience. I want to work in a startup company so that I can understand it's world in a better way. Secondly, in 5 months, companies will be coming for job placements. Placements activities like aptitude test, interviews, etc will be starting soon. But I don't want job in these companies. I want to take job in startup. But I don't know whether they'll give me job considering the fact that I'll work full time after my college ends.
So, I'm confused whether or not to sit for job placements  

David Austin Relentless problem solver and innovator.

March 11th, 2016

The startup era is a misconception. There is no such thing. This is not a passing fad. There have always been startups, there will always be startups. Ignore fear-mongering of having "lost out on opportunities of startups with huge growth potential". If you have what it takes, great startup opportunities will always be there for you. There should never be a urgency to get into startups for the sake of getting into a startup.

The questions wanteprenuers should be asking is not "what startup can I get into" nor "how do I get into them?", but instead ask yourself: "What do I need to be a valued asset in a startup?"

Experience is *not* the answer to that question. Skills, demeanor, passion for the specific startup, and a like-mindedness with the others in your startup, high tolerance for stress, a solid understanding your risk, and the ability to take on significant risk (including making no money and working like a dog ultimately to fail most of the time, for the chance of 1 success) - those are what you need.

Matthew Stroul IT Business Analyst & Support Engineer helping people, processes and tools be more awesome versions of themselves.

March 15th, 2016


There are four major types of people in business - in the largest view of the buckets - Employees, Self Employed, Entrepreneur & Investor.

Employees : they plug into an entrepreneur's framework and facilitate functions to help reach business goals around someone else's concept

Self Employed: they solve problems but are the only person working for their company and help others reach to goals of their business for an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur: they build frameworks of a business around a problem they have solved to help their customers do/be better 

Investor: they power entrepreneur's ability to scale with employees to contribute together as a brand to deliver the solution to the market.

Condisder the "why" you want to be in either an established brand or a start-up first. This will derive a foundational list of expectations versus needs, and when you take on that activity in many major decisions in your life it will help you decide with clarity. 

Being an entrepreneur is a mindset, and not defined by a job description or a set of resume entries. You can be entrepreneurial inside the walls of an established brand, and JUST because some people started a company does not mean they are a functioning business. 

The GOAL of the majority of start-ups is not to save the world it is to solve a problem, and the vast majority of tech start-ups are to solve specific problems bigger brands are not doing well which leads to them being acquired by larger brands.

I recommend a hybrid approach to be immersed in the structure of an organized business while developing your ideas and solutions. You will have an office to work from, money to pay fees and buy equipment, and the ability to live while you develop your proof of concept / technology demonstrator. 

A larger brand will consider your solution as a start-up to be purchased as more effective with a little bit of stable business exposure, and investors will see you as more capable of delivering on your promises because of some business exposure. 

Sergei Khramtsov-Templar Senior Partner at Noblesse Oblige Productions Inc.

March 11th, 2016

You should look for the startup in Mumbai. There is too much competition for you here to get even temp working visa to US. Otherwise I would've offered you an internship as junior partner in one of our startups. Outsourcing is not popular anymore besides I have teams in US, EU, RF and India who have years and years of experience.

Samie Syed

March 15th, 2016

@Faisal just to add, a lot of start ups take interns, especially the one's that have limited funding. Experienced developers are not cheap, and when you have a limited pot, many have no choice but to hire grads or interns.

Holding a day job and start up job can be done, but the OP has to check his employment contract regarding any IP created during the course of employment and if they need permission first before doing their own thing. If this is the case, the OP will need to ask their boss first.

Deb Bowey Marketing, Client Care and Admin at Pro Trader

March 12th, 2016


This is my first post and I have built business from scratch to multi million and now help others to do this in their business's.

I personally believe that in the beginning you do need on the job experience and unless you are 'lucky' you will need money to eat.  Working for others will cement what you will and won't do in your own business.

Do your research and head hunt yourself - find a Company YOU want to work for - it's ok to start at the bottom of a happening Company in your field of interest.  

Where do you want to work?  There are many ways you can make yourself stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Make sure you have a Resume written for the Company you are after.  When I started out it was much harder to research a Company, not so any longer.  Be a ferret for information and find out all you can.

Join Linked-In and make sure you have a fantastic bio.  Linked in is 100 times more powerful then Facebook and most Companies will check both so make sure your Facebook is tidy and inoffensive to all.

Secondly it is the norm for families to want a traditional safe life for their loved ones and you may find some who will discourage your dreams for a safe life working for the man.  

Don't lose sight of your plans and continue to work in your own business.  Keep all your receipts and costs to claim at official start up.  You'll be grateful for the tax deductions.

Most Entrepreneurs are no stranger to working at night and weekends and you have the energy of youth and passion I hope for your dream to fire your work ethic up.

I do love the collaborative process and it's an amazing experience to be around others who think outside the box.  Networking will bring you around experienced business owners and you need this.

As pointed out in previous posts many start ups fail and often it is not because they 'product or service' is flawed.  There are a number of mistakes most business's go through and you learn from your mistakes but they can cripple you financially.  

Be especially mindful of who you go into business with as this ruins a lot of start ups too.  If you are going into business with others have a clear plan and commitment of time for each participant.  Have a clear entry and exit plan.

Have a clear documented business plan and list of jobs to do, work through these as well as your product development and be mindful of keeping your IP protected.

I do not have a uni degree, but I did leave High School with top grades and a mind keen to learn.  Make the most of opportunities and understand that you have the ability from the get go to design a most fabulous life for yourself : )

As a divorce' I now work for another Company and the Family Court will dictate my rights, but am opening my own Copywriting Consultancy and in my forties work weekends and nights to make this happen.  

It's no accident that I joined a small but exciting Company that offers a fabulous product.  I only applied for jobs that matched my criteria.  I refused offers that didn't.  I have learned a lot from my Boss and colleagues and my association will continue with them in a cohesive just differently structured business arrangement rather than employee.

As a business owner you need to know about all facets of business and management and there are only 3 ways.  Study, work experience and learning the hard way whilst in business.  

In short working for others does give  you a grounding I think.  Many times I was abused when I was younger (partly because I'm a woman, but mainly because I was an employee).  Being an employee usually helps you learn how to be a better boss and gives you perspective. 

My brother in law went from Uni;to Government; to his own business and although he does OK he has no clue to customer service.  Design the best product and design it to do the very best for your customer, love your customer and provide fantastic service and don't be afraid to be different, you need to stand out to find your ideal customer.  Get your processes right within your business ie 'paperwork and processes' and you can succeed.

Ensure your digital identity is impeccable.  Surprising how many in your field don't succeed in this.  I have clients who are web design businesses with web sites that have broken links and spelling errors in their product names!  Well they used to, till I contacted them and showed them the problems and now they're my clients, that easy!

Young man you are in an industry that is only been around for just over 20 years.  And it's an exciting one.  Good luck : ) 

Good luck xxx