Dating · Fundraising

I'm looking for a co-founder / someone who can help with fundraising for a live mobile app with paying customers

Donald King Lead iOS Developer ANDigital, London

August 30th, 2021

We have created an MVP for a niche dating app which also has some really cool interesting features which users are currently paying for right now. We just need to raise funds to acquire more users and also get the word of the product out there - i.e marketing.

Alexandria Allen I know the essentials needed to take an idea and turn it into something tangible.

October 14th, 2021

How far along are you in your digital and direct marketing plans?

Marketing is a very broad department and so it's essential to have a digital and direct approach mapped out.

Have you taken these steps? Or are you looking for a specialist to develop your marketing element?

Fundraising is a beast in itself because again there are a lot of elements to consider.

Some questions to think about:

What format of fundraising are you looking to develop? Digital vs. Direct. Crowd funding vs. Angel investors.

Do you have your general marketing mix and target markets identified and established?

What kind of campaigns are you planning?

How much will it cost and what are the projected returns on investment for your campaigns?

What incentives are you offering to attract investors?

How much do you need to accomplish specific goals within the organization?

If you know some or all of these answers then your probably looking only for someone to help execute, measure, and revise your fundraising efforts.

If the answers to these questions are as yet undefined then that an entirely different set of business needs within your marketing team.

It's going to be important to be specific about what you need. You may already have an established marketing team or you may be still trying to build one.

Murty Mr Technical & Marketing Co-Founder

October 17th, 2021

If your paying users are generating enough income, you won't need funds. But the fact that your business is at a stage where it requires external funding may automatically discourage potential investors. My advice: spend on marketing to the extend you can afford from the current income and your savings and let it grow for at least 4-5yrs.