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For a B2B company whose web site does not change that much is a CMS like WordPress (or Squarespace) really that advantageous? I know there are some advantages particularly ease of editing, ability to manage multiple languages, form generators, mobile and desktop versions... I have just acquired a healthcare software company and I need to rebuild the entire site. I have a really solid web designer / graphic artist and one of my front-end developers has some bandwidth to actually program the new site. He'll also maintain it.

In the past, I have used WordPress and 3rd-party templates and the results were decent. My developer is of the opinion that a CMS might be too restrictive and that he can build something much more "creative" and avant garde (based on the web designer's concept) without one. He's a programmer so I can understand his position. He says he'll render whatever the designer comes up with whereas a CMS might impose limitations. Invariably, there are always compromises trying to fit a design concept into a template-based CMS format but it worked out reasonably well in the past. I'm just not clear how much time a CMS actually saves you when you have the technical resources on staff.

The reality is that the site isn't going to change that much. The dynamic parts of the site will be a section of the Home page dedicated to updates to news and events, Twitter feed...,the News & Events page itself and the Careers section. Other than that, plus the odd tweaking of copy and creative, it's going to be pretty static. I do need to make the site available in multiple languages (English and French to start, then maybe others) and I need to ensure that the site is fully adapted for mobile and tablets. We do want to add a blog.

Given that we're doing this in-house, is a CMS really justified in a situation like this? I think it is for the language, blog and mobile requirements alone but I just want to make sure it's the right decision.