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Is Broadcast Media Dead: Content Marketing Vs Brand Marketing?

Michael Todd Esser Executive Earned Media Wizard looking for Organized Public Relations Entrenprenuer

May 9th, 2018

I ask to the Tech-minded entrepreneurs and cofounders here, is the Broadcast Media dead when you as founders consider your start up brand marketing plan? At what stage did you feel ready to talk to the media? What types of media did you pursue, if any? Did Media outreach fall into your planning? Did you social media budget out weigh your earned and placed media budget, for how long and why? What was the best way to start exposing your company to third party opinions, especially for Key Opinion Leaders? Did you focus on Brand recognition in these original earned pieces of outreach or were you focused on thought leadership? Who was the audience that you were trying to reach in your media outreach? How do you differentiate your Brand Marketing from your Content Marketing Strategy? How did you define success and were you able to reach it?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts,

Mike Esser

Steve Lehman CEO, Entrepreneur

May 9th, 2018

Content is and always will be KING. The problem with traditional radio is that it has become predictable, and the farm teams of early talent development have been eliminated as a result of consolidation. Creativity is gone and the audience is aging. Very few under 30 listen to traditional radio. Having said that, there are still 230M radio's in the US and it drives direct response business. I tried watching traditional TV when I was stuck in a hotel and outside of sports, it's almost unwatchable. TNT was 10 minutes of content, 8 minutes of commercials.

I believe that far easier to target an audience through influencers and social media.

Companies like Hawke Media in Santa Monica have grown exponentially because they are experts in brand marketing. They know how to target and reach an audience.

Content that is creative and authentic attracts an audience, and for the right content audiences don't care if there's short commercial integration like podcasts.

Find your creative.....remember Dollar Shave club.

Steve Lehman

Alyssa Kwan Co-Founder and CTO of Infallisys, "Data Team in a Box"

May 10th, 2018

As a technology startup in data science and analytics, we will likely never use broadcast media, simply because we can't infer causation and therefore cannot experiment to optimize in a real way. Obviously, that's the draw of digital marketing where you can actually attribute action to impression. Part of that is that we're B2B, and the hit rate on a CPI model would be too low anyway. As far as content vs. brand, since we're a platform/tooling company, they're actually synonymous. We would need to use real content that establishes trustworthiness and ease of use via a hard sell, and that, over time, translates to the brand warm-and-fuzzies. That's what I'm thinking as CTO. Perhaps my co-founder-to-be would have different ideas, but he's an enterprise sales guy, where the handshake is king, so I doubt it. Hope this helps.