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Is cold email working for you?

vu-nguyen Cofounder & CEO of Nilead informatics

May 30th, 2017

"Cold emailis an email sent to a potential customer that has had no prior relationship with you.".

Since we are working on our own product platform, we have tried various selling channels, among which is the cold email. We follow a very strict internal rules to avoid spamming people and always filter the ones who we believe may need our service/product before sending emails, and we provide clear ways to opt out.

So far, we have seen 0 effect on these emails, even cold calling works better than this. I'm starting to question this method and if we should drop it. Please share your views and experience on this, has cold email ever worked for you?

Thank you :)

Vikas Sharma Founder @Demain Technologies, focused on Mobility and Cloud

May 30th, 2017

Hi Nilead, I have been in Sales from last 5 years and I can say Cold Calling works far effective than cold emailing. BUT, an intro cold email, written specifically according to prospects attributes (his industry, function) and benefits of your product/services specifically for him can get you a break.

Take my suggestion, Send a 3-series email. 1st - Intro (write completely specific to customer's attributes) 2nd -If you do not get answer within 3 days, send a simple 2 liner follow up email. 3rd if no response in next 2 days, send another gentle reminder if they had look on your services.

Now, after this when you will make a cold call, you do not have to introduce yourself with long bio. You can refer to mail trail you sent to reach him out. This works almost in 40-50% cases.

User might haven't seen your email, but if he realises they are in his inbox, he might setup another time to discuss it in detail over phone.

Nickolay Kolev Freelancer at Private

Last updated on May 30th, 2017

Of course. You will need to have a marketing campaign, which happens to use emails as delivery channel. It is just one of the ways to make people come to your site and buy.

Cold emails, as anything cold, has almost no effect or results. And if you actually get any response rate, it is probably in the range of statistical error.

Just do a quick Google search and you will find tons of resources telling you how to do email marketing.

Usually it goes like this:

Drive traffic to a landing page from FB ads or Google ads. FB/Instagram/youtube/Twitter whatever your platform is, just select your targeted customer (make sure you have that defined, or it is just waste of time and money).

People that click are already interested. Less cold. Now, on the landing page you need to make them familiar with your product. Offer ebook to educate them about the solution to a problem you are offering. Whoever opts in, is now potential target for your email campaign.

Once they get your free ebook and give you their email, they are pushed through a funnel. It is up to you to decide if you are going to educate them further and so on, all depends on the price point of your product. If it is very expensive, you may need to go the webinar route.

So, as you can see, cold emails will not work. Email lists are useless, hope you didn't pay for one.

There is a process to be followed before you send any emails out. People need to indicate interest and then you work to educate and establish yourself as an authority for the problem. If they trust you, they eventually convert.

Hope this helps. People charge a lot for this kind of advice :).

Chris Fahy Software Development manager, CTO and Startup Co Founder

May 30th, 2017

We tried the cold emailing methods quite a bit and also saw low returns from it. With the amount of SPAM that is making the rounds nowadays its hard to get in front of a potential client from a cold email. Especially if they do not recognize your brand from the domain name.

Jonathan Mandell CoFounder, Chief Revenue Officer, Sales

May 30th, 2017

Can you provide full examples of your emails? Prob should start there.

Miguel A. Ceballos

May 30th, 2017

Massive cold emails usually don't work because most of them don't arrive in the inbox in the first place. If they are sent individually, it's another case. But, even in this way, it's very easy to be ignored.

I wouldn't sell in the first email. I would send them a lead magnet or offer them something of value before trying to sell them.

Vince Martinez Please help market the next biggest idea ever ?

May 31st, 2017

This is my first attempt , I don't think I did it right ?? But I guess if I get an answer or not We shall find out ? Do you have any tips ? Vince. Martinez. . . .. Solid. ,,

Nickolay Kolev Freelancer at Private

May 31st, 2017

Make sure you are not sending the same email body and subject to all in your list. Split-test it, to see what converts better.

Series of emails works best. But you will get much better results if you start from an ad, targeted to your customers, so they can express explicit interest.


Ragen Food Solutions LLP Managing partner

May 30th, 2017

It's depend upon situation and market for

Kevin Katz President

May 30th, 2017

Your 100 percent right. Cold calling works better than email campaigns. I have tried multiple email campaigns and wasted several thousand dollars. My response on cold calls was much better and didn't cost me anything but the leads I purchased

Amol Bhadange Founder

May 30th, 2017

I agree with you the cold emails are not worth the effort if we are sending to people who have no prior relationship with us. Very rarely i have received response to such activity.