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Is it good to be tech. co-founder if not succeeding in bringing own business?

Abhishek Dwivedi Looking to be Co-founder or Consultant {IoT, Embedded, Android}

Last updated on June 25th, 2018

I am more of tech. minded person which is shaped by my past more then 12 years of experience as developer and mentor into embedded, IoT and now inclination into AI. I tried to bring-up startup but as of now no success. If I will be true with myself with some introspection, I am more of consultant, experimenting on new technologies, like to bring things from no-were to presentable.

Now question is, by knowing myself, should I look to be tech. co-founder or consultant to other startup as I couldn't prove yet to become self founder. I feel that will be a good deal for me as I enjoy building. But question comes as would joining other as tech. co-founder would change my direction all together? And what should be my conditions?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

July 13th, 2018

The answer depends on your comfort with risk. It's good to know your limits. Why a startup? Why not an established business where you can both grow and earn a good income? Consultancy is 80% sales, 20% work. So if you're not talented at selling yourself, it's a terrible idea. All successful consultants are good salespeople.

Ask yourself seriously what your four career criteria are: 1) location (where do you want to work), 2) industry (what type of product or service do you want to represent), 3) title & responsibilities, and 4) define career success & goals (how do you like to be rewarded)

These answers will guide you to what kind of work is appropriate and will make you ultimately happy with your choices.

Rajneesh Jain Tech Startup Sales Consulting | Sales Consultant | Mid Size & Growing | Business Consulting | Business & Sales Skills

June 26th, 2018

Hi Abhishek, have you created any products to serve niches?