The man owns a digital company and offered to invest not cash but to assign a dedicated team to my project to build the platform and market it. He estimated the cost to be 119k £ and offered a discount that reduced the cost to 73k £. Then he proposed to personally take charge of 70% of the investment in return for 15% equity, and I would have to take charge of the remaining 30%. He then said he could increase his personal contribution to 75%, in return for +5% equity making it 20%.

I suspected that he inflated the cost (+2200 hours to build a blogging platform with a whole dedicated team ? Really ? I built a good prototype with one freelancer in one week for 400$!) and that my contribution would cover (exceed ?) the costs so that he gains a client + 20% from a promising startup for free.

So let me know your expert opinions. How would you react to such an offer ?