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Lysle Wickersham

Business builder driving growth, revenue and relevance. Brand strategist, management/strategic consultant.

In my recent work with several early-stage companies, I’ve seen the dangers of Minimum Viable Product thinking and the focus on just “getting something out there”. Often before what would appear to be core features are even built. What always seems to be missing is the foundational business thinking, the mission-critical brand positioning work.

Instead of MVP , I offer up MRE or “Minimum Required Experience”. Anyone can get a product up and running, throw up a site with promises and features to come. But are you delivering a differentiated experience that sets you apart in the market? One that will get you traction? Will the minimum experience give users the experience your brand is promising? Will it drive demand, incent retention and set the foundation to achieve scale? The MVP mindset has taken focus away from a user-centric and business-centric process. Minimum Required Experience. It gets us back to focusing on the user and the market, on the business of building a business.