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Is it viable to fundraise at idea validation phase to develop a marketplace in Mexico?

Damian Gil Lozano Marketing consultant and entrepreneur

April 5th, 2017

I have some years of experience in the market, the idea is innovative and with great potential and great interest in the potential market, but it's very hard to make a MVP by myself. I'm alone right now.

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April 5th, 2017

Damian -

I suggest you use tools like or to create a prototype and gather feedback for market acceptance.

The best place to seek funds to build an MVP is from people you have worked with in your industry and/or friends & family. Another option is an incubator / accelerator like or

When seeking investment you need to consider who is competing for the same investment dollars. In today's environment, professional investors have access to advanced-stage opportunities - which limits their risk.


Marc Hammoud Looking for a partner to share the profit

April 5th, 2017

Why not? if the idea is really bankable.... I'd chip in.