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Is there a list somewhere of quality, worthwhile, professional fundraising groups?

S. MBA CEO & Founder;

August 4th, 2015

Seeking a list of fundraising orgs to approach for a project, contingency based. It is a nonprofit healthcare org in the med cannabis space. Told they take 8-12% of the raise. So for $1M they would keep $80- $120k. Recall several opera companies hiring out for capital campaigns and witnessed one years ago for a museum in San Antonio. I've also seen a few for politics which open lists to find similar donors - eg they have donated to save baby whales, will likely donate to other animal causes. We are finding there are other prof fundraisers but more than a few scheisters from the wall street groups and lone wolfs who are dubious. Social capital groups opening w the crowdfunding laws are also around and worth obtaining a list. So, list? URL's? Beyond combing Angel and going down the socap route? Figured contacting ol' arts people who have traversed prof fundraising along political contacts was the way to go investigate this. One ancillary cannabis Company here has had to talk a fundraising group into a beta test for our whole sector. So why can't I and others talk an arts or political fundraising group into same for a med cannabis healthcare nonprofit? It's immaterial to me if they are here in Puget sound or elsewhere as long as they have the expertise and preferably family wealth group connections - which is how it is being done w some non-cannabis startups We're tired of toxic term sheets and VC blabber as well which is a whole other story...don't even get us started on the Arcview Group whom even VC funds poke in jest! Thoughts / list/ contacts appreciated!!

an on-the-fly Founder...

Omar Hakim Technology Commercialization & Patent Monetization Professional | Expertise in Management Consulting & Startup Investing

August 5th, 2015

I have two suggestions for you:
  1. The Angel Capital Association website is a great place to start.  The ACA member groups all follow the same code of conduct, and most of their member angel groups are organized as non-profits.
  2. The Texas Secretary of State's office has now authorized crowdfunding for Texas-based companies and investors.  Up to $1 million per year in equity fundraising, and up to $5,000 per non-accredited investor.  It's difficult to qualify, but it's a real source of investment capital.
Good luck!

Sherry Spinnraker

August 5th, 2015

With a non-profit, you would be looking for donations.  I imagine many fundraisers would be leery of pursuing donations through existing channels for fear of the legitimacy of the tax deduction for medical cannabis.  

I am less familiar with the internal state/federal differences on the treatment of cannabis.  I would suggest that you confirm that deductions to this organization would be eligible for typical 501c3 tax deduction treatment and then pursue fundraising organizations, preferably through reference of organizations in the same or similar space.  You can check online through guidestar to see nonprofit organization financials.  They should highlight fundraising expenses and then network through to see.  

Good luck!

S. MBA CEO & Founder;

August 9th, 2015

Let me clarify - we are seeking a list of BROKER/DEALERS to handle the heavy lifting for us.  Is there a list somewhere?

Thanks but we are beyond the and groups.



September 16th, 2015