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Is there a mobile app development/business blueprint or playbook?


Last updated on April 6th, 2018

I'm almost done building the MVP iteration 1 of my mobile app and will be doing a round of alpha testing in the next few weeks. I'm trained and experienced in enterprise software development and don't have as much experience in mobile product development and business development. Is there a good guide on how to test, rollout, market, and build a profitable business around a mobile app? In other words, a flexible mobile app roadmap, blueprint, or playbook?

Chase Poirier Founder and CTO at Udio Ventures

Last updated on April 10th, 2018


When it comes to further developing your mobile app and iterating on it with real users, the more you can turn your process into a scientific approach the better. To do this, you will want to define one key assumption to test about your business each week and collect data that will either validate or refute that assumption.

For example, say your assumption is that "Users want a feature that allows them to connect and chat with other members on your platform". You could then setup data points to track how many users sign up, how many create a profile, and how many message each other on the platform.

You would then spend at least one week collecting data about this assumption and nothing else, it is important to focus on one test at a time. At the end you can then analyze your users' behavior and determine if they actually want this feature or not, and then setup a new assumption to test the next week.

This iterative process will keep you agile in development as well as inline with what customers find most valuable about your platform. There is a lot more to it but hopefully that gives you a general overview of how the process should work.

If you want to further discuss the processes behind running a mobile app business feel free to reach to me at, Udio Ventures. We partner with early stage startups to help build their online presence and develop their business through web design, development, and content marketing.

Best of luck with your MVP!