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Is there a service out there that creates snacks for brands?


May 31st, 2020

As in I want to get into the healthy snack business and create my own snack line - where do I go?

Steve Lehman Investor, Entrepreneur

May 31st, 2020

If you want to create snacks for brands, you need to first come up with a unique snack that a brand will want to buy. After you have the idea, try and come up with some samples of your new snack that you can beta with a group of 100+ people. Get their feedback and make adjustments if needed based on the feedback from your beta group. Lots of regulations to follow with regard to food manufacturing and production. For the first run, you can hopefully make the product on your own. For larger runs, you should outsource with a licensed manufacturer.

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To your Success!

Agassi Nakhapetian

May 31st, 2020

Brands create their own or buy emerging snacks that have some traction. There is a lot of costs/logistics tied up in distribution of a snack. Marketing is another uphill battle, and scaling fast is crucial as you are making pennies on each snack sold. Did you find a new ingredient?, new manufacturing method? new packaging?, that's better, cheaper, faster, healthier? When you have that odds are you'll be asking different questions

Donna Hamlin CEO, Intrabond Capital U.S., Inc.

May 31st, 2020

Try contacting Fresh Bellies in New York. Saskia is the CEO and she sells lines of super healthy snacks. She is developing new lines of snacks for adults after her success with snacks for children. You can partner with her.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

June 7th, 2020

You have a pretty steep hill to climb with snack foods. I think your approach should be based on two things. First, what is your end goal of having a snack brand? Second, what is your unique space (meaning how have you tested your snacks to know the market wants what you're cooking)?

Brands don't have a good reason to have brand snacks. You're going to have to teach them why they need a snack, what value the snack will add to their brand, and you have to show them how a snack can increase relationships with their desired customers. This sounds like a specific gimmick for an advertising agency to pursue, not something for a snack company to pursue. Understanding how to create healthy snacks is completely different from understanding how brands advertise and create relationships.

Your company could be one or the other. You could be an ad agency that goes around promoting the tactic of brand snacks, and have deep resources for some one else to manufacture the snacks you design. Or you could be a healthy snack company, and promote yourself to advertising agencies as something they could do (with proof) to benefit their clients, with your ability to create custom healthy snacks.

If you're going to be on the food side, the first thing you need to do is get yourself VERY familiar with all the FDA regulations on food production and sales. Then you're going to have to work on your recipes. But before you work on your recipes, I strongly urge you to develop and validate your marketing strategy before you spend a dime on ingredients. You need to understand the healthy snack market very deeply before you enter.