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Is there any place where people with ideas are sharing them so the ideas can be developed together?

George Cho Finance Professional (CFA/CPA) with Entrepreneurial mindset, MBA

February 2nd, 2018

I am trying to find an idea (or somebody with an idea) that I would like to be a part of the development. I have been in corporate world for a bit, so I believe i have a functional expertise to be helpful, but not necessarily an idea to begin with. I am also trying to come up with an idea myself, but willing to find somebody who already has an idea that we can develop together. Is there a place that people share their ideas to recruit more like-minded ones? Please let me know. thank you so much for your thoughts.

Jason Bernard Jr. CEO of Tinormous® & CCO of Guitar Canvas™

February 2nd, 2018

I am a member of some sites like founder dating but find that they are not quite what I need so I am starting a bootstrap connection service. I am in a group that has over 80 startup ideas that need people that are willing to spend an hour or so a day working on the startup that they chose and in return they get equity, their own territor,y or a combination of both. Glad to connect on LinkedIn.

David Maguire Keymand Technologies, Inc.

Last updated on February 2nd, 2018


There is one place I came across where people gather that might fit the bill: Cross Campus. Then there's this site where like-minded people gather to talk and exchange knowledge.

I have actually been looking for the same sort of place/group but am constantly running into others with their own ideas and startups - not people like you.

I have built my startup pretty much on my own since day one. I had some people involved (friends and co-workers) early on but they lacked the focus and (I found out the hard way) were risk averse. Most people stick to the idea of a steady paycheck and aren't able to envision the potential when it requires time and sacrifice in the moment.

I'll go ahead and extend an offer to meet and talk about how we might be a fit in the growth and success of my startup. Being honest upfront: I am looking for someone who has a solid work ethic and can take on tasks outside their comfort zone or areas of expertise - something required in all early stage startups. Doing this on my own has required me to step up and get the job done without excuses. I learned things I never knew and accomplished things I never thought I could. I won't claim to have done it all at an experts level but I now have an app that has units sold, everyone loves it (5 star ratings), the market is big and the competition is very small.

Let me know if you'd like to talk.

Either way I wish you all the best,

David M

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

February 2nd, 2018

That is in large part what CoFoundersLab is about. Either having an idea and looking for someone to work on it with you, or being interested in working on a idea that someone else has, and approaching them to work on it. Have you tried the matching tools here, searching through those seeking founders or making a pitch to those seeking to work with an idea?

Ahmad Huseynli Co-founder & CEO

February 2nd, 2018

I have an idea. I just need a get go help. Anybody who is willing to support ?

Kimberley Burton Founder of a number of successful businesses but from past experiences need the right partners

February 3rd, 2018

Hi George - while I have joined here to find the right IT person to join me in building a global "green" travel platform I am happy to talk to anyone about what I am doing and see if they get and share the vision

This is the best forum I have found so far but today is my first day.

I will check out Cross Campus as well

Promise Jarius Founder and CEO @Lifemap Consulting

February 2nd, 2018

I don't know if this is permitted here. But just look for a way and reach out to me.

Dave R

February 2nd, 2018

Check out 2-Way Micropay. We're looking for people who can help us network and develop a new team for relaunch

Ei 李 Are you interested in education + entertainment adventure?

Last updated on February 6th, 2018

George, there is one amazing place called Foshan, China. 30 minutes by taxi from Guangzhou. This is the manufacturing district where everything is made from smart phones to fashion handbags.

Here is a pizza bar that one lonely expat built to feel like something of his European home. Most nights there are gatherings of the best entrepreneurs of all sizes. They come from all around the world. Italy, Belgium, Russia, Norway, Australia, USA, you name it, they come here and it's not listed on any startup circles.

Guys gather with laptops, ipads and share ideas, designs, drink beer, eat pizza.

No one is wearing suits but the short guy on the other side of the table wearing a singlet top is a multi-millionaire factory owner or business owner and if he hears your good idea, he will have a beer, talk, potentially collaborate, and get this, he may even lay down some serious $$$ on the night.

Don't worry about any business plans or accelerators, this is China.

I've seen $850K drop on the table after some beers. Mind you, like all startups, 90% fails, but they just keep on going, fast.

Take a punt. I've hanged out at a lot of business networking etc. places, and this is for me the most phenomenal.

Manufacturing is slowing down in Southern China and entrepreneurs are now rapidly getting into the technology businesses such as mobile apps, even crypto currency!

Their advantage is that everyone in the room has either a factory or business and meets with ideas guys, programmers and designers. Their advantage is their network of friends, lots of cash, experience and already in the trust circles. They hit it fast, they hit it often, and hard. If you wake up the next day without a headache, then you haven't done so well :)