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Is there anyone who interested in e-signature?


August 27th, 2019

Hi all, how would it difficult to market a new e-signature platform and what would users/customers expect from a new e-signature platform? Is there a possibility of entering into e-signature market?

Thank you!

shridatt zambodker Founder, Managing Director Intuio Software Labs Private Limited

August 27th, 2019

DocuSign - Gives you a 30 day free trial to sign documents, plan starting at $10 (annual) for an individual user but limited to a max of 5 signatures.

HelloSign - Has forever FREE account, 3 Documents per month . The paid account is $13 (annual) with unlimited signing.

There are a loads of impressive features they offer and are become a complex business. Both these providers have costly API plans too which is their shortcoming. Businesses would prefer having pay-as-you-go model for the signature request, with minimal costs to be on API plan.

For eg :

Basic - $15/Mo , Feature 1+2+3, $1/Doc signed

Enterprise - $30/M, Feature 1+2+3+4, $0.75 per Doc Signed.

I mean what's the point in purchasing 40 signings every month and using just 2 or 3, businesses suffer and turn away because of this. My client is one of such cases.

At the same time if you think of a model for the user.

$1/Doc - Feature X and Y - Basic

$2/Doc - Feature X, Y and Z - Advanced

The figures are to turn around the pricing game only, these company's might have serious standard compliance, storage, availability cost to suffer so may not make sense. But yes, there's a definite demand for these services.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

August 27th, 2019

The biggest barrier to e-signature platforms is getting partners who accept e-signatures. There are multiple adequate solutions, but if nobody wants to receive e-signed stuff, then there's no market for tools. Figure out how to make people prefer to receive e-signatures, and you're onto something.