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Job aggregator with job offers in exotic countries?

Alena Kropáčková Former gymnast, traveler, blogger, volunteer in TED.

April 22nd, 2018

Hi, what do you think about making a job aggregator with job offers only in exotice countries? (Bali, Thailand, Hawai, Meldives etc.) I made already a group on Facebook called Job in Paradise. Do you have any other idea how to evaluate my idea? :)

Thank you

Tarek Hassan Entrepreneur - Sales/Business Development/Marketing/Concept Creation

April 22nd, 2018

Good idea - if you believe in it significantly then you should build it out and get the listings on there and get people to visit maybe first locally, regionally, then globally. And get traction - the more visitors the more companies will want to post/share their listings there and of course vice versa Maybe as an app?

Ian Walton Director, Sales Velocity Ltd., Tech Sales Consultant, 25 years front line sales experience.

April 27th, 2018

Sounds like an interesting idea Alena! I certainly think it's a good niche area where you could come up with a unique angle even if others are doing something a bit similar. I would try to come up with a USP that goes beyond the fact that you will focus on jobs in exotic countries . Maybe something like providing the whole package to help someone move to that location or resources to help someone learn about living in a particular location etc. etc. Do you have a business model idea?

Alena Kropáčková Former gymnast, traveler, blogger, volunteer in TED.

May 10th, 2018

I am trying it in my home country and it is working well for now. The problem is, I do not have any skills to code a job board.

Alexander Babenchuk Experienced Ops. Manager in Marketing, HR, IT, Project Management, BPO and Software Development.

June 14th, 2018

You will want to validate your idea as cheaply as possible. A FB group is a great idea. Sounds like you are finding local jobs and posting these jobs to the group, do you know if anyone is applying? Is anyone getting hired? I would definitely second Ian Walton's statement that you need a unique USP. I truly think you do not need a website at this point.

Harbind Kharod Founder @ / Remote Freelance Software Developer

April 23rd, 2018

There's a few job boards that do something similar like WeWorkRemotely but I haven't seen any that are strictly exotic locations so I can definitely see opportunity there. I actually started a email based remote work aggregator a while ago based on users technical skills at

I think this is a growing area overall as many in the tech arena are tired of the cubicle life on a daily basis.

Samuel Ogden CS undergraduate, skydiver and entrepreneur.

April 22nd, 2018

Hey Alena, there is a startup called 'StartMeUp' that get students internships with startups based in exotic areas including Bali and Thailand. Its not to different to your idea so you may be able to find some inspiration there :)

I believe you are based in Australia? Us brits consider that exotic, maybe it would be useful to hunt down some brits working over there and ask about the process they went through to get a job, what could have been better etc. I know of 2 people working in Sydney, I could give you their details if you wish :)

Alena Kropáčková Former gymnast, traveler, blogger, volunteer in TED.

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018

I just made a facebook group in my country. I have 10 new members every day without promoting. Memers-people only from Czech want jobs abroad so I post interesting offers manually. But it is really time consuming and limited since I am not able to find all the good jobs. Or how could I contact and find emplyers that would send me offers that I coul post? So my question is: How many members should I have to try to make a simple website probably on wordpress? I need the other side being involved which are employers.

Jelena Vasilijevic Entrepreneur, UI/UX and eCommerce specialist

Last updated on May 5th, 2018

Dear Alena,

I believe you already know but I would love to suggest that you might need some HR agency licences in order to be intermediate between job seekers and companies.

Also, especially on the beginning, you need to be very careful when promoting open positions, and to post only jobs from serious and verified companies in order to avoid any kind of human trafficking related issues.

Besides those comments, the idea sounds great and definitely worth testing.

Taha Dhailey

April 22nd, 2018


can you please share the link i will to apply

i am a blockchain trainer and dApp Developer

Sheeba Pathak

April 23rd, 2018

How about trying a job swapping portal? If A is in Finance & is looking to move to a Marketing role, & B is in Marketing looking to move to a Finance role then the 2 could swap jobs.