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Looking for an investor for our startup

Kien Duong Founder Olive Team

Last updated on April 9th, 2021


I'm Kien, founder of OlivePad startup. We’re seeking for an investor to develop our app product with the vision to make it a successful and profitable business.

We have 4 people in the team, including 2 developers, 1 project manager and 1 marketer. We came up with the idea of OlivePad last year when Covid-19 happened with the aim to build an effective visual collaboration tool to boost productivity and creativity for those working from home. We want the individuals to be inspired, and the team to work more efficiently with less effort. The key features of OlivePad include:

1. Live collaborate with team.

2. Brainstorm without hassles using sticky notes, color-coded details for individuals on an infinite canvas.

3. Five Canvas categories with useful and creative templates to inspire innovation: Customer Journey Mapping, Innovation, Marketing, Business model, Product.

We have now finished the first phase of the project after 5 months, developing some key functions for the app: Signup & signin, User profile, Organization, Board, Canvas templates. The tools included in Canvas are Sticky note, Text, and Shape. Users can now sign up accounts & try our beta version at

We look forward to hearing about cooperation opportunities from all of you.


JB Founder

Last updated on April 8th, 2021

Hey Kien,

Congrats on the progress that you and your team have made thus far. Starting a company is super hard and becoming successful is even harder. Investors are definitely willing to invest at your stage which seems to be the MVP stage.

At this stage due to lack of proof of substantial traction (sales or user base), your going to have to give up some extra equity because of the risk (25 - 50%). Depending on what your team wants to do as far ownership, I would wait to gain some traction so that in negotiation, you all have a bit more leverage and can hold onto more equity.

Other than that, it may sound cliche but Google is a phenomenal tool to connect investors with founders, you just have to use the right keywords. Investors are literally waiting to hear from innovative founders quarterly. These individuals want to make more money but are passionate about Start Ups.

I would consider joining an accelerator. You will learn a lot about pitching, raising money, and so much more along with meeting other great founders.

I would google some accelerators in your space, something along the lines of "(YOUR PRODUCT SECTOR) Accelerators MVP Stage". After conducting some moderate due diligence, dependent on how broad or niche your sector is, you should find dozens of programs where the ending result is an INVESTMENT, if all goes well of course. One in particular is called "Nova Cofoundery" based on of the UK. They are AWESOME!

I hope this finds you well and if there is anything else that I can possibly help with, feel free to message me. I live and breath this stuff and you reap what you sow, so I am willing to provide what I can because I know it will return 1000 fold! It never fails! God bless!



Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

April 16th, 2021

@JB is right, this is not where you find investors. CFL is for answering questions about entrepreneurship (like what you should do to be prepared before approaching investors) and for other kinds of advisory and mentoring support about other aspects of your enterprise.