New idea

Looking for feedback on my app idea.

Dale McCord Jr Beginner Programmer

Last updated on August 10th, 2018

Andrea Raimondi Computer Software Consultant and Contractor

May 6th, 2018

Hi Dale.

Your idea is the classic "let's do it and monetise later" that leads to sinking good money in a project without a clear path to revenue.

Sorry, I bet this wasn't what you wanted to hear.

The main issues I see are the following:

1) You need a path to monetisation

2) You need some kind of heavy gamification that makes the app addictive and people actually want to use it

Monetisation can come in various forms, but my suggestion would be to limit the quantity of recipes that can be shared or saved and let that value expand via in-app purchases. Couple this with a good marketing plan and I think you have an app.

Gamification is about, for example, giving out virtual certificates for achievements and they could be tied at least partly to monetisation: 10 recipes saved, for example or 100.

That's what I'd work on.

Kaiden Sin Frontend Developer at Virtual Bank by Standard Chartered

May 7th, 2018

Hi Dale, interesting idea. My concern would be users cheating the system by posting non-original recipes and google images of cooked meals , especially when the rewards (such as gift cards) seem great enough. And nowadays it’s too easy to find great recipes. How to ensure the recipes on this platform are also of good quality would be a question too. Cooking someone else’s recipe can require quite some time/money investment, and it’s risky unless it’s proven to be tasty by others. And so sizeable incentives are needed to ask someone to try cooking an original, unknown recipe. But when the incentives are great enough, people might start cheating the system.

Phani Bodavula

May 7th, 2018

  1. All I can say is your basic idea is good and excellent. I think you can see lot of problems can be addressed with this . Now your success depends on whose problem you are addressing and how and when you monetise your solution is more important . You havr to keep interest in users somehow while u monetise . Then it wcan be worked out.

Deepak Garg Tek lover looking for partner to make d world better

Last updated on May 19th, 2018

Just curious, what is the problem that this app would solve?

Curt Sahakian Attorney

Last updated on May 6th, 2018

I must admit that I don't cook. But... this sounds interesting.

I don't see how you monetize this, but it would seem that there should be many ways to monetize it with sponsorships and promotions from vendors of ingredients and cooking tools and what not.

I think you should just run with it.

Dawood Ahmad E-Commerce Entrepreneur

May 6th, 2018

Hello Dale,

it is great to float a new idea and propose a thing that has not been done in the past.

Please tell me how can we understand your idea as a transaction i.e. how will it benefit everyone involved including you.

If you have developed a flowchart, would you like to share that here.

Steve Skura, MBA Looking for a social media manager for my magazine startup.

May 6th, 2018

Great concept! I would recommend keeping it points based. Maybe they can then use those points to get other peoples recipes. The more ways you give them to spend their points in the app (rather than "cashout") the better. Let me know if you need marketing help..

Peter Roome Part Scientist, Technologist and Strategist

May 7th, 2018

The Internet is already riddled with recipe websites. There are already good social sites that support family social communication. Who would be paying the cooks? You're freemium idea is on target. I'm not sure why an individual (recipe author or cook) would pay for this service. For this to work, you'd need to show how recipe author, the cook, the sponsor company and you would all benefit. Where's the network effect for this and what would keep people coming back continuously?

chandrashekhar singh cofounder & CEO at CURETIP ( healthcare solution for Doctors by helping them digitizing & workflow

May 8th, 2018

in my opinion there are two major issues you must have to focus on

1) authenticity of the recipe that they post .(to solve fraudulent of users)

2) a good monetizing model.(to be self sufficient in if no investor is funding your business.)

Dimitry Rotstein Founder at Miranor

May 6th, 2018

That actually sounds interesting. I'm guessing it could be particularly useful for children (or even adults) who are casually learning how to cook. Although, in this case you need a different prize, not a gift card (that's boring), but rather some kind of a trophy, preferably a real one, not virtual. Vanity can be a powerful motivator. Users can vote on recipes and/or prepared meals, and these votes would add points too.

As for the last part, I can't imagine a family that needs a virtual voting system to decide upon a meal. Presumably, if they eat together, they can make such decisions much more efficiently in person.