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Looking for Recommendations for K12 Resellers or Independent Sales Reps

David Shaulov EdTech Entrepreneur, SaaS

August 12th, 2019

I have a SaaS product for K12 with a focus on grades 9-12. In addition to going the traditional school-to-school sales route, I've been thinking about the idea of partnering with resellers to help scale into other markets.

Does anyone have experience working with education resellers and/or independent sales reps? Was it successful? If you have one you can recommend in the U.S., that would be appreciated.

Many thanks!


Kunal Pandya Startup Guru, Early Stage Investor, CEO @NCrypted

August 16th, 2019

I've been involved with a couple of EduTech startups recently and when it comes to scaling, so far they found it best to do it by themselves on the international market.

Resellers are difficult to find as the EduTech industry is yet to see a full-fledged ecosystem that some other traditional industries enjoy. There are some resell players in the market, but since the market is not that regulated or even matured, their commission ask would not be worth investing your time with.

I've seen founders doing the last mile selling by themselves to test the market first. If there is enough demand and after some initial traction, you can easily raise a small round and set up your distribution channel and supply chain.

If you still prefer going with resellers, a competitive analysis could be helpful. Here are some links might like exploring if you are targeting South-East Asia and Indian market in particular.