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Hello all, I am looking for some cofounders to help with a pair of projects that I have.

I am asking these questions here because after being a member for a while I am not sure where else to post these types of questions. If the question are inappropriate, please me know and I will delete.

  • The first project is a reporting tools to be used by highly technical operators in a live dynamically challenging environment. The product is all about accurately gathering as much data points as possible in a realtime environment. With this idea, I have a partially completed demo that I can demonstrate, a good idea for a business plan that should allow for good regular subscription styled sales from a world wide audience. The target market space is not big by internet standards, but I guarantee it will be F-U-N... I am looking for technical and non-technical cofounders here. I need help with the server side/Web, Android, and also the business side of the effort. I need a business/Financial/Marketing person to complement the technical side. Motorsport competition license is helpful, bonus consideration if you can show me your logbook :). those who know what a logbook is, are exactly the type of people I am looking for.
  • The second idea is for me, far more risky because I am stepping way outside my comfort zone in software development and jump deeply into the world of finance, private equity, and real estate. The elevator pitch:

I am looking for partners to found a private equity fund that will be used to help qualified home purchasers compete in today's hyper competitive real estate market.

In a feeble attempt to make these questions meet the rules, I am looking for suggestions for the proper groups, forums or places where it would be more appropriate to ask these questions.