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SHARIQUE NISAR Consultant- Business Intelligence | Marketing Strategy | B2B Leads | Automation | Digital Innovation

January 2nd, 2019

We have just launched which is still in Beta Version. DataCUSP assist clients in auto-generating company profile reports based on ML and AI, backed by human intervention. We initially intend include 0.5 million companies across the globe covering over 100 geographies and industries. The USP is, we guarantee current data in all our reports and thus delivery time is 24 hours for request processing.

I am looking for some feedback on how to model this as a product and who will be the first set of customers for a product like this. I am thinking if independent consultants or freelancers may be of help to market this.

Any feedback on UI/UX, marketing, branding, funding will be highly appreciated.

Philip Ratnowsky Head of Product at DAR Data Services, Associate at LabcoNYC

Last updated on January 15th, 2019

Hey Sharique,

I'd happily take a look at your reports!

To give some early initial feedback just from your post, it is usually good practice to first have a good target of who your ideal customer will be before building the product, but no use getting hung up on that now.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and I'll take a look at what you have and we can discuss.