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Looking for the right term to express so called "Sharing Economy" / C2C business models lihe Uber / AirBnB ones

Szymon Stasik Software Engineer, Founder, looking for tech/Angular co-founder

Last updated on June 9th, 2018

I started to work on a platform for startup ideas being "next Uber for X". I know there is number of popular terms being used in this area. Some of them are

- sharing economy - IMO it's not applicable when service provider is the main beneficient (like Uber)

- collaborative consumption - wider yet more or less same as above

- C2C - I think it's more generic yet also quite enigmatic - especially for people new to the business

- gig economy - again related only to part of the ideas.

The platform is intended to support building MVP of any "Sharing Economy" idea in a very short time (within a week or two) without a need to hire developers - main target group are non tech founders willing to validate their idea with reasonably low tech effort. Here my dilemma is how to communicate in the right way - what kind of ideas the solution is suitable for - in one hand being correct but also getting to the right people. IMO "Sharing Economy" is not the best in terms of meaning yet it may be the right one concerning not that experienced entrepreneurs having valuable ideas. Also it's important to communicate the business in the right worts to other co-founders and investors.

Appreciate any thoughts, suggestions and discussion on this topic.


as I'm new here and not sure how to interact with answers I'll provide more updates here in the question details.

- Marketplaces - great point - thanks for that! Still marketplace is just one of possible models related to be present in a database of offers, while modern C2C Uber-ish apps are offering lot of extra features like various forms of geolocation, event scheduling, various level of interactive communication including chat, comments, video (i.e verbling), various payments forms and many more.

- as for hiring freelancers or anyone else to build the MVP, I believe (a leap of faith) that the domain is defined well enough to be able to build reusable high quality building bricks which will allow to 0. identify common features, components and use cases 1. drastically reduce time to release MVP, 2. ensure high quality in terms of key features, UX and customisability, 3. be able to host and support the growth of ideas also beyond MVP 4. focus on developing and providing key features and as a next stage offer startups with already validated ideas to continue developing their product based on app sources. All this at a reasonable pricing model.

tess dvow Marketing Expert

Last updated on June 28th, 2018

honestly I think you have a great idea to launch your business based on Uber for X i personally believe there is still alot needed to be done in on demand industry and that people like you should take the lead and develop system that will help user with their every day tasks.

I personally believe there is no use in hiring the freelancers to do the job especially when you have a option of white label solution you can easy acquire a ready made solution and customize it according to your needs and brand.

availing this option will save you both time and effort needed to first build a team and then built the solution from scratch and launch.

Mr. Kelly Johnson Hello

June 12th, 2018

If I understand correctly, and honestly I am having a hard time following. It sounds like you personally have a “Sharing Economy” (Or whatever you want to call it) idea to start a business that helps other people with their own “Sharing Economy” (Or whatever you want to call it) idea, find developers to develop their ideas. Yours is the platform where they can meet. Just like any other freelancer site, only your niche is for people with sharing economy ideas.

And your dilemma is that you don't know what title to apply to your business so that people understand what it is from said title. Your dilemma is that if you focus on the title that "Caters" to the consumer with the idea, you are not catering to the service "provider" that can develop it that you also need for your business. And vice versa.

I personally would disagree that some of your examples are "not applicable when service provider is the main beneficient (like Uber)" The main beneficiary is always the person receiving the service. Though service providers would also be considered your “Customer”, they are not to anyone else. They are seen as an extension of the website/ business. They just as well be your team of developers vs freelancers in the whole beneficieary scheme of things. That being said, I personally like "Freelance" related titles for that kind of stuff. Because people know that means you can be either a service provider or a consumer of provided services. That the business itself is not the one providing the actual service.

And all those other additional services, don't try to include them in the descriptive title. Everyone knows any business that refers themselves as a specific service actually has many other services as well. Focus on your core service in your title. To me, that is specifically that aspiring non-technical entrepreneurs can get help technical help to develop their sharing economy ideas.

“Connect with freelance developers for your Sharing economy ideas”

But again, I’m having a hard time following. Maybe it’s been a long day for me, but you sort of sound very unorganized and scattered in your thought to me. No offense, probably just me. Maybe the whole “Who Made Who” thing going on here that is confusing me.

Emmet Gibney Business Analyst

June 8th, 2018


Rio Ronaldo Developing project in eSports Industries - looking for co founders.

June 17th, 2018

Co-Op networks

Xiaoyun Yang Fullstack Developer

June 9th, 2018

Is it like a freelancing website? What's the difference between hiring/finding someone to build your MVP from the "sharing economy platform" you are envisioning versus hiring someone from a freelancing website?

Fernandez Angeline Developer, RadicalStart

July 22nd, 2019

I think online marketplace is the best term.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

Last updated on July 22nd, 2019

It doesn't matter what you call it if people understand what you mean. Your second sentence can say that the service host doesn't benefit or whatever your differentiator is. Peer-to-peer sales describes eBay and other such marketplaces. Services, because they rely on someone doing a job, not selling a physical item, are why it's called sharing economy (shared effort and resources to deliver service). So you're either a marketplace because you sell goods or you're a system (economy) because you sell services.

From a high-level/moral perspective, do you want to create more tools that take away business from established companies by enabling people who haven't gone through the effort to get a business license and follow regulations?