Looking for three partners,what percentage should i be looking at for each partner,?

Dana Doncaster owner of Paddlelit TM owner of Penthousedreams.

November 17th, 2016

Looking for three partners to help with marketing my product,in the outdoor life style business,
I am the owner and designer,and i need three partner all with sporting,and out doors experience,
What % and why, 

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John Cwikla I build. You sell. Boom.

November 18th, 2016

If you don't have revenue or customers and just and idea, 25% each. Your idea isn't worth anything without execution, market fit and customers - and equity is about the upcoming years of risk, turmoil and pain going forward in lieu of compensation and being a "partner" is about being in it together.  If you have money and would rather pay them, - then treat them as employees and find some charts on how much to pay early employees. But when you say partners - be partners.

If you have customers and revenue then you need to take a look at how much value they bring and how much they (may) contribute to your success. 

I love this:

Dana Doncaster owner of Paddlelit TM owner of Penthousedreams.

November 18th, 2016

Thank you John, Yes if i had money, Well i think 3 heads is better then one,i come this far and invested $28.000. the issue at the being was the price point,now selling at $50 us less and selling slowing, I relies that Marking is key when come to selling,and you need a team to work with, Now out of money,and i can only see a partnership deal working, I have sold half of my first order one on one,there a lot of interest out their i need the money for stock,marketing,to form a Company, Best wishes