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Prashant Gupta Embedded System Specialist

May 3rd, 2021

Looking for Executive who can raise funds for High end startup deals in Consumer electronics. (Own design and manufacturing) OEM licensing from Intel, QUALCOMM Many More,

Currently , all the hardware under design phase require fund to go in production. Can provide detailed design overview and look of hardware planning or in Design. Required to sign NDA before proceedings

Curt Sahakian Attorney

Last updated on May 3rd, 2021

1. VC Money

If you are seeking to raise VC money you should find someone with prior experience raising the money and prior existing relationships with specific VC funds.

2. The Equity Crowdfunding Option

An alternative to VC funding would be Equity Crowdfunding. That doesn't require pre-existing relationships with investors. You just need to have a good story.

3. Difference Valuations (VC vs Equity Crowdfunding)

Typically, if you have a good story, you should expect to get 2x to 3x the valuation from retail investors than you can from professional VC & Angel investors, in my opinion.

4. You Can Test It

This is actually testable. You can talk to the VCs about valuation then test an Equity Crowdfunding (either Reg CF or Reg A). And you can even use preparations for the Equity Crowdfunding, or the actual Equity Crowdfunding as bargaining leverage with the VC.

While it's unlikely that a VC will give you any valuation approaching what you can get from Equity Crowdfunding from retail investors, you can still use Equity Crowdfunding to get their ultimate valuation up there where it belongs.

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