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Looking to start a packaging marketplace, what to focus on?


December 22nd, 2020

Looking to start a packaging marketplace where businesses can shop packaging type, size and upload their designs or work with our inhouse designer.What should I focus on/pay attention to most?
Best way to scale when you're on a budget?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

December 22nd, 2020

Focus on what people who actually purchase packaging need, want, are willing to pay for, where they are, and how to reach them. Your question is too specific to get distinct answers here, but this service already exists within each and every packaging company independently. A marketplace is not solving a problem that I'm aware of, so be very circumspect in the assumption this is something customers need.

Maliek Martin Insurance Producer - Innovator

December 27th, 2020

Find the need within your business, make sure that need is your ONE THING, then continue to branch off.

Charan Kamal Looking for Tech-cofounders

December 28th, 2020

Marketplaces scaling is the key to reach break-even. As for me, the most important area of focus is the strategy on how you tackle the 'Chicken & Egg' story. Unless you have Sellars, Buyers won't come ---- Unless you have Buyers, sellars won't come.

CHIKWENDU OKECHUKWU founder@Natureharvestservice, Grillmecafe& Hope Fish farms, Business Dev& Event Marketing specialist

December 28th, 2020

Edibles. Lets talk