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Managing for Market Share or for Profit in the Food Sector?

Gilbert Stouvenot President/Chef/ at Fine Food-to-Go, Inc.

October 14th, 2016

I am actively seeking sound advice from experts already working in the food-at-home sector on how to most effectively monetize and grow this tested, highly-profitable dining concept.

Today the meal delivery industry is exploding at a rate unimaginable a few short years ago. Valued approximately at $1.5 billion in 2016, it’s projected to grow to a multi-billion-dollar market over the next five years.

But, in an industry known for its high rate of failure and low-profit margin, the new “food-at-home” sector is searching for a way to achieve a bottom line that justifies its survival.

As an European trained lifelong Chef, I foresaw the logistical challenges of meal delivery years ago. To be succinct, the efforts of many within the industry fail to provide the consumer experiences most are seeking: the ability to simply sit down at home and enjoy a freshly prepare, nutritious, affordable and tasty meal without any hassle.

This is the question the food-at-home sector must answer: is it possible to provide such a sit-down and enjoy experience sustainably and at a profit?

Yes! This sector is winnable, but it takes more than just the right app. It takes, as Michael Gerber said in his bestselling book, E-Myth, innovating a system that is the solution.

To provide consumers meals that are completely ready to sit down and enjoy at home requires a special food carrier designed to hold temperature and be easy to use for both operator and customer. A versatile carrier that offers style and class on any dining table and flexibility in the kind and amount of food it can serve is needed.

I have invented and tested such a carrier eliminating the high cost of disposable as well as the heavy damage to the environment.  By applying banquet style food production of only one dish per day further lowers overhead by reducing the cost of food and labor and we now have a highly profitable concept with sustainable competitive advantages.

With the objective to target a low market share but a high-profit margin, the niche is easy to identify and locate in any urban city:  busy couples, driving home from work.  By offering an easy-to-use and highly-flexible pickup service along close-by routes, food-at-home can easily become a part of a consumer’s daily routine, very practical and most affordable.


This proprietary concept has scale and advantages that provide a unique market positioning that will distinguish the company from its competition and generate consistent profits. Food Processing Centers both in the US and Europe of varies kinds and sizes can quickly and efficiently be put into service to produce extraordinary above-market returns. Fully tested but with limited capital, it's implementation received a highly encouraging and immediate response.

Because of my age and my lack of contact, I come here to seek advice as I feel strongly the need to ensure that my work does not go to waste. So, I make the results of my labor available to the qualified party who would understand the size of this potential and have the experience needed to launch preferably in Las Vegas, my home.  

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