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Mobile apps go to market strategy - good templates?

Gilad Peleg CEO at SecBI

January 21st, 2015

We're developing a mobile app (productivity category) and working on our go to market plan: defining our audience, preparing content, identifying the relevant media outlets, planning some "hacks" to accelerate growth, and more. There's a lot of very good material available explaining why, what and how, giving solid advice, tips, examples, etc... but I cant find a good "template".

I am looking for a "template" or "checklist" or even better a real example of someone else's "tried and tested plan". Can anyone share this? If possible be specific to a mobile app.

Gazilion thanks :-)

Katie Pang Financial Advisor at Aegon

January 22nd, 2015

Can you be more specific? You want a template for your go-to-market plan or a template to identify media outlets? What exactly are you asking for? Would love to help.

Cassi Kjun Jiyong App promotion, app install, review and rating provider.

Last updated on November 28th, 2018

I have no good template, but I have the best app marketing methods for you, app of them are proven effective and efficient. Details as follows:

Get Featured On Mobile App Review Sites

There are many sites you can submit your app, such as cnet,mashable, techrunch, app advice, appbrain,etc. If you get featured on The Next Web, you can expect tens of thousands of unique visitors in the first 24 hours to hit your website and your app store page.

Apply for Awards

There are lots of organizations that give prizes to new, innovative applications for their functionality, design, and so on, such as Appy Awards, Best App Ever Awards, AppCircus competition, Apple Design Awards, Appsters Awards,etc. By participating in app awards, it can give you tons of press, exposure, reviews and plenty of downloads.

Boost App Ranking to Top 10

Over 65% users discover new apps by searching in the app stores, and most of the just browsing the top 10 apps. Then the best way to promote app is boosting your app ranking on the app stores. There is one "hack" way to boost app ranking, it's buying app installs, it can boost your app ranking in hours, highly recommend.

Buy App Reviews

95% users would like to install an app has more positive reviews, especially for new apps, and 88% users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. So the reviews have a great impact on app downloads, it can increase the download rates efficiently.

Hope the 4 methods are useful to u.

Gilad Peleg CEO at SecBI

January 22nd, 2015

Hi Katie. I want a template for my whole go-to-market plan. I assume that preparing a media list is a part of this plan. Did I get it right?