MUST READ Re: [FD Members] Co-Founder needed

Jessica Alter Entrepreneur & Advisor

October 25th, 2012

I want to be abundantly clear about something - under ZERO circumstances is this list for posting about needing a cofounder or recruiting employees. In addition to the welcome email explaining what it\'s for in the last few months we\'ve sent out several emails reiterating. We built to help you find the right cofounder - Everyone is looking. You\'d get several mass emails a day and frankly, that\'s just not how we believe the process works (it takes times and patience). We\'re working very hard to build an amazing community and site that really enables entrepreneurship and emails like this frankly ruin it. If you have ideas on how the site or we can better enable entrepreneurs I\'m all ears, but don\'t abuse this group.
**The emails about blog posts, asking for specific advice/recommendations, sharing common problems, getting feedback, etc. are awesome and I hope we see more and more of those.

Please do NOT respond all - if you have thoughts or comments you can share them with me privately. Our stance on this particular issue is quite firm.

Thanks and keep building,
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