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MVP for a retail (fashion) startup?

Yoko Gibo Seeking a co-founder on building a brand for women. Formerly @Google @Noom @Qz

Last updated on November 25th, 2017

I am working on a fashion brand, and have already made several prototypes (clothing for women). It is almost final, and now I am looking ahead about the launch plans.

As I see recent successful D2C retail brands, they seem to have invested a lot of $ for upon the launch, built a brand and scaled very fast in the very very early stage of the company (e.g. Away, Glossier, Allbirds, and many more...). And I see that those brands have raised a sufficient amount of investment from the start.

What is the best recommended way for a retail/fashion brand to test its MVP without ruining the brand (if it ever goes wrong or unexpected)? I feel that for a fashion brand, once it goes out to launch, it's public, and once its consumed, it cannot be updated like software. So I want to plan a launch very carefully. I am looking to raise funds eventually, but am wondering if the only way to a success like the brands stated above, is putting a sufficient amount of budget into brand/marketing from the start.. because then the size of a MVP test is no longer in my capacity that I will need to go get some funding... I'd appreciate your advice!

Rakshit Patel Founder @ j&j digital marketing

November 26th, 2017

can yo send me the link of your websit??

Alex Periel CBDO at a devshop

November 26th, 2017

Text me to

Mr. Kelly Johnson Hello

November 29th, 2017

I don't know for sure about your industry, but "Lean Startup" has worked for many others as in get the earliest viable product out there as soon as possible. Adjust then when your marketing reach is small so that you can adjust now, sink or swim in the early stages. Get your system down pat. Then revamp and go big.

Again, don't know the fashion industry well enough to spell the word. But I am involved with many other new product launches that go by "Lean Startup" principles and do very well.