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My advisor wants to become CTO but won't join full-time til Series A. How should I structure his deal?


August 1st, 2017

My advisor, a veteran in the space, has gone well beyond his initial role and would be an ideal CTO. My venture won't be finishing a seed round though until the fall, and if things go well, it'll still take a year to complete a Series A. If he hypothetically wants 10% equity, how do I structure his vesting schedule?

Julian Michael Founder & CTO (

October 3rd, 2017

It's hard to answer how to structure the deal without knowing more about the current state of your company and the value provided. Like most founders, you have found yourself asking yourself how much of your company's equity to give away. Hiring your veteran advisor as CTO sounds like a good decision and his contribution to your company thus far has proved that. Having said that, if he/she is unable to act as CTO until Series A we can help with that. provides a subscription access to a suite of CTOs/Technical Advisors to help your team get to the next level. No commitment, no equity, no messy deals, no risk. We're here for companies like yours and we help get them from point A to point B on their own terms without being pressured into hiring yet another executive onto the team for a big chunk of equity. Again, your advisor as CTO is the right choice. But why not have access to a suite of experts to grow your business. Work with experts, be an expert.