Startup Funding

My Business loan is on the rocks. I would love any advice for my Startup survival.

Giona Pedditzi Entrepreneur, Founder, Consultant

June 20th, 2017

Dear All,

I have launched my service tech Start-up about one year from now and I have applied for a business loan to help me with some working capital to buy equipment to resell and testing tools.

Regretfully, working as an Uber driver on the side failed to sustain my family, and me, as I could not make enough for living and putting enough hours to build the business and, jeopardized my loan affordability.

I feel that it will take some time before this loan maybe affordable again to me, while I am trying to get back on my feet. Also, I feel reluctant to stop the loaning process as it took so long to get where I am now.

Did anyone bootstrapped for long time and succeeded without a business loan having similar financial burdens on the side? VCs funding would be very useful to take off quicker but I believe going at my own pace in the business building process would very useful. I hope my company won't dye for this so I really would appreciate any advice from other Founders, as this is my first real Start-up and it took me years to take the leap. Thank you.