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I'm creating a browser tool which could gather analytics on user's interest set, what they prefer to see and read about online and connect data on for the user's behavior across the entire web.

What kind of person should I talk to help me determine what's the value of analytics I can create? They should be able to grasp what kinds of data my tool can create with a summary technical knowledge of what it can do.

Who should I talk to?


Thanks for your advice! Based on request for more info on my idea:

With Mosaic, Andreessen envisioned a way for people to give feedback to the producers of web content through a feature that'd let visitors respond and enter comments for anyone to see and read.

Couple of decades and several failed startups later haven't brought success, (the latest attempt at open annotation was Genius, but they've laid off their web-wide annotation team and refocused on the music industry).

Hypothes.is is doing this and has a great tool, but they're a non-profit, so I doubt they can use the uglier methods of hijacking the partisan need to push out a narrative that would create a massive usership, and I wonder what position they'd be in to make capital use of a tool that could get use behavior and feedback across the whole web and get serious analytics, maybe also help connect and index information by subject tags across the whole web.

Anyone else think this might be a potentially interesting idea?