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Need advice for getting energetic, responsive and dedicated co-founders.

Shamal Badhe Project Manager @ Companion ITCS

March 25th, 2020

Having good experience in tech freelancing, I've upgraded my technical, personality development and marketing skills. I have got the courage to start my own company or to do a partnership with existing founders.

As per my experience, people are not responding well, looking for immediate results (that's not possible every time.)

I believe, entrepreneurs should have patience, pursue our ideas and do hard work continuously (WITHOUT ANY EXCUSES).

Can someone advise or share their views on this? Help me out to find someone who thinks out of box and belief in partners and their work-style.


David M

March 28th, 2020

I have found that everyone has ideas. Everyone is capable of being an entrepreneur. This idea that only a chosen few have what it takes is nonsense. BUT, the real catch that limits most would be entrepreneurs is that they are not willing to put the time and research and work into the process. If you have any idea, first do a thorough evaluation of the opportunity that exists in that idea. This is preface to putting together a professional business plan. If you validate the idea, then build a business plan. I have evaluated numerous business plans as well as written many. I don’t know of any that are competent that are under about 40-50 pages. I have people give me 5 or 10 pages and tell me that is their business plan. No way. Most legit investors are going to want a real business plan and that is extensive. But beyond that, it is the road map for the entrepreneur. My advice would be do an opportunity evaluation on your idea. From there, if you realize it is something you want to pursue and build into a business, write the business plan. Also, don’t get stuck in group hug/think mode with weekend entrepreneurs. They will drain your optimism and passion for no other purpose than to sit around and talk about doing it. Also stay away from anyone who calls themselves a “serial entrepreneur.” An entrepreneur by the very definition is constantly evaluating the entrepreneurship opportunities in the world around. Most, not all, but most self proclaimed “serial entrepreneurs’ are all hat no cattle.

Robin Mathew Rajan Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Technology Enthusiast (geek) and also a good human being.

Last updated on March 30th, 2020

You're correct on your opinion. Some people think they're built for entrepreneurship, but they're not. Entrepreneurship is a journey not a destination. And for people who set out their journey as entrepreneurs should have guts to seek what they they're seeking for and to travel uncharted waters, while maintaining compassion, empathy and humanity as virtues. The truth is that, very few people are built for that and those few people are thus have the capacity to be the entrepreneurs who can bring constructive disruption to the existing model of world economy.

You are very welcome to join us in our holistic journey as a co-founder. If you have a startup, I'm ready to join your entrepreneur journey as a working co-founder.

My email: robinmathewrajan@gmail.com

Reply to David

You're absolutely wrong on your opinion about serial entrepreneurs. That's your definition of entrepreneurship. I too have a definition of entrepreneurship. You're generalizing a whole set of people which cannot be true.

For example, if I generalize, introverts can't be entrepreneurs, would it be fair? And if I also say, stay away from introverts, would it be fair?

David, please don't generalize people. Do good and allow other people to do good.