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Need Feedback/review Doe - A multipurpose Kitchen device

Rish Prasad The Product Guy ,

Last updated on June 12th, 2019

Why is a Power Drill do powerful?

Doe was initially designed to make kitchen hand Mixer/blender powerful and portable. So we designed a lightweight impact gear system. It is a similar system that makes Power Drill - Portable and Powerful.

Then we took a step further, with a small team of passionate engineer and designers from New York, we were able to perfect the power and speed of Doe to perform various functions while making it battery powered -

- Milk Frother
- Mixer
- Blender
- Can Opener
- Wine Opener

...and more

Please have a look at and provide your comments on the usability of the device.

or you can look at a 44sec youtube video explaining the product :

I am also looking for an advisor who is in the similar space, I am based in NY. Thanks everyone.

Andy Freeman Product Management and ... - Looking for new opportunities

June 12th, 2019

Proofread the site and get a native English (or American) speaker to review it.

"Open can/bottle" should be "Open canS/bottleS". "How much it weighs?" -> "How much does it weigh?" There are probably other typos as well

"Do WE really need to spend so much" -> "Do YOU really ..." However, that sentence is weak. Look at the copy used by other multi-purpose appliances and see how they say "save money".

FWIW, most people don't have enough countertop space, so it's good that the charger is a separate piece from all of the accessories.

Alvaro Urine Design Director and Product Manager

June 12th, 2019

Hi Rish!

Awesome product, really like the multi functionality of DOE. I am sure you considered different architectures, but is there a reason you went with an "L" shape? I feel a vertical handle like an immersion mixer, straight, will reduce the footprint of the handle on the countertop and offer some arm power when using the mixing feature. I will also allow it to be stored inside a utensil divider, which most users use inside drawers. Just a thought, but congratulations on a great product!

Danny Done Founder of Marketeering Group, Chaser of Ideas, Builder of Connections.

June 13th, 2019

Given that the whole selling point is light weight /portability, is there a good traveling case for it? Do you have chefs who would find this handy who have gotten a chance to use it?

Also, from a personal / home use perspective, maybe reframe the device as being compact for minimalist living. Perhaps jump onboard with the tiny house movement and target your growth toward building a bigger line of compact kitchen appliances for that crowd. --I know we just sold a few kitchen appliances that were just taking up space and we never used. That trend could be a good market niche to target.

David M

June 15th, 2019

Rish, Happy to look at further. One CEO I know who oversees about 120 stores...could be a fit. If you want to discuss your patents, margins, manufacturing..etc...I am happy to consider getting some people on the line for distribution. I will need to see your competitor research so I know what is in the market in this space and your competitive advantage. At a glance, I like the simplistic streamlined look. Functionality of course is equally important. If I come on board we can also work on placement with the martha stewarts and gordon ramseys of the culinary industry. If you have a business plan, that would be great as well. I just need to know what you have lined up and where you are in production capability. If the product is where it needs to be I can help you do a fairly fast integration and build.

Tim Grace Founder / Inventor / Idea Creator / Finisher / Hard Worker

June 15th, 2019

Nice product..

Rish Prasad The Product Guy ,

June 15th, 2019

Hi everyone , @Andy, Alvaro, Danny, David and Tim for taking out time to respond.

Sure Andy, I will have it proofread and remove all those mistakes. Also charger can be completely separate which I have not shown, so I will. Thanks for the input.

Hi Alvaro, yeah we have made several designs, send me your email i will send you a design brochure, that would be interesting to you. This design looked really good visually and the ergonomic factor is same as a mixer, (I understand yours is coming from immersion mixer, both are fairly good to handle)

Hi Danny, I have contacted by few professional in the area. Currently I made and sized the product for home use, but yes it can be made powerful enough for commercial kitchens and yes you are right the commercial kitchen and People who are into minimalistic living including Tiny homes are in our target market.

Hi David, thanks I liked your proposition, let me email you. thanks.

And Finally Thanks Tim for the appreciation :).