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Need recommendations on the best places to host a pitch/networking meetup event in NYC?

Andria Younger, MA

October 26th, 2016

Need to find a space to host a networking event for CEOs/CTO and Ruby Develpers for November in NYC.  Anyone have any suggestions on venues around the Flatiron or Union Square area that's rents or sponsors  space for tech events?
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Jay Schweid Seasoned Entrepreneur | Producer | Executive Producer | Mentor | Advisor | Dad

October 26th, 2016

If you just need the venue, contact my friend Karrie @ Kagency - Tell her I recommended you.
If you need event production, etc. feel free to message me. Happy to help.

Nicholas Applegate Engineer III at ITT Exelis Geospatial Systems

October 27th, 2016

A non-traditional but interesting space in Central Manhattan might be 3929 studios...? Normally for acting auditions therefore inexpensive. Nice, new place and the owner is very accommodating. Just a thought! ᐧ

Andrew Chapman Publishing Entrepreneur and Author

October 29th, 2016

Depends on what number of guests you expect, but as a general answer...
I'd see if you can get a compatible sponsor at a WeWork location. You need a WW membership to use their spaces, but you could just contact one of their locations near Flatiron/UnionSq and ask for a compatible member business to contact.
Alternately, you could just join as a WW "We" member, which is only $45/mo with no long-term commitment. (This is their open-space membership for occasional use and online networking.) That puts you in the door, and then you simply reserve the space you need. And you may find, as I have, that the networking opportunities alone are worth the membership.