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Joshua Okonkwo

I have a gift for solving problems. I love to start businesses and develop ideas, I love people

Hello, I am working to produce a device.

A little background: I live in Nigeria,, where about half of the population cannot read or write in any language. I see these people passionate about reading (the bible, for instance), but sad that they cannot.

Many people around the world simply cannot read.

I want to make a device that can read books.

It'll take number inputs (book number, chapter number, paragraph or verse numbers), and then read read the section to the user.

It can also receive voice recordings.

It will be the size of an iPod,

and it will cost only $20.

I'm really passionate about it and am currently in the development stage.

I have contacted a company that can build the device,

I need people to build the software,

I need funding and support.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for me?