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New tech-startup launched MVP on November 1, any suggestions or feedback please?

Ambroise de La Gorce CEO @RecoHero, B2B sales expert | looking for a tech co-founder for an e-commerce SaaS product

November 7th, 2017

Hi there dear (co-)founders,

We just launched our MVP on November 1. Be reassured this is not self-promotion or any sort of call-to-action, we'd just really appreciate feedback from the community to help us go in the right direction and add/remove features as we move forward depending on your suggestions (we are now working on a full-custom platform for our second launch early 2018).

To briefly summarize, RecoHero is a quality-driven and user-oriented global marketplace specialised in smart wearable IoT devices. Our team selects, tests and approves every product based on price, innovation and usefulness. All users can also earn 10% commissions on every sale they drive through our referral system.

Please have a quick look around and feel free to give your honest opinion below, all feedback is highly welcome. Thanks in advance!