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Evening Everyone!

I'm curious to know non-tech founders' experience with needing to edit copy/images on a site or app that you're building.

In my experience with building sites/apps a lot of my time is wasted with requests from my non-technical team members to edit copy/images - time that I could be using to keep building out logic for the site/app, etc. The problem is that, even though it's just text, it's surrounded by code (so not entirely straight forward for non-tech members to edit) and a lot of the time (even after teaching my non-tech members how to use git, edit the text etc.) my non-tech members do not want to touch it for fear of messing something up.

There's a lot of content admin systems out there, however they take time to set up and a lot of them just save the content in the database (rather than in the project itself) which is bad for SEO and speed of the site (since you need to grab the content from db.)

I'm working on a project that fixes this issue, however before we get too far with it, I want to know whether other non-tech founders find this to be an issue as well.

Any thoughts and ideas welcome!

All my best and happy evening!