NYC based Tech Consultant with promising B2C Startup soon to launch considering move back to Midwest - any advice?


December 22nd, 2016

I've spent the last few years in NYC working as a tech consultant and have done really well in my career working for top tech companies. I'm constantly learning, hard working, and on the bleeding edge of technology. I do miss the Midwest culture and lifestyle though especially when it comes to family - I haven't started a family yet but would like to at some point over the next several years.

I'm originally from Midwest and really like it there, but relocated to NYC to grow my career. I'm now considering moving back to grow my startup and its headquarters. I love the Midwest. I also believe there is talent (and for cheap) here but it isn't as easy to find as say the NY market. I also know things ramp up faster on the coasts with more funding and more talent.

At the end of the day however, I do believe success by location is subjective and really depends on strategy. Too much talent and funding has been known to create bubbles and a surplus of businesses void of lasting business value, whereas too little of either talent of funds can limit growth and potential of any promising venture.

I have a startup with incredible potential that is soon to launch. As someone that has worked for the top tech companies and global brands in the world, with several years of experience in solving complex problems for businesses of all sorts in addition to several years of experience in entrepreneurship, sales, and leading teams, I am confident in my ability to get a startup moving and off the ground. I know I can build a great company - my question now is where.

Have any of you ever made a relocation decision like this to go against conventional advice? I know if the company is great and its talent is great it can prosper anywhere despite the odds (I think of Microsoft and Amazon as examples). Any options I should consider and or things I should look out for?

Thank you,