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Robert Bent

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I am financing a project that has all the elements required below. I am currently looking at moving forward in one of two ways... Bringing on a number of different vendors that I have worked with before that are subject matter experts in each field, however this will require intense project management across multiple time-zones and has a huge set of challenges, or looking for a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that can handle most of the below. Can anybody provide some input on pros/cons of both methods? Also, are there engineering firms in the US that are experts in all activities below - any that stand out? Thanks!
  1. Industrial Design - Casing design including end-to-end user experience
  2. Software Design and Development - Should go hand-in-hand with ID. There will be a mobile app or touch screen that controls the hardware
  3. Electrical Engineering - This will include miniaturization of a current device along with new board design, component selection, rapid prototyping, assembly
  4. Design for Manufacturing experience and deep relationships with manufacturers
  5. Product Testing and Validation
  6. Knowledge of certifications required
  7. Project Management