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Outsourcing iOS development

Karan Gupta Co-Founder and CEO at Mammoth

February 10th, 2013


We\'ve just opened up private beta for Mammoth at mammothhq.com (don\'t all
go and sign up right away now). Its a collaboration product, and I\'d be
happy to hear your feedback on it.

Who here as experience with outsourcing iOS development? Quite a few of our
users are requesting an app.
So we\'re thinking of starting with getting a basic app developed, simple
list-based interfaces, where users can see what they\'re working on, with
authentication and push notifications.
I\'m looking into my network to find an iOS developer, but also wanted to
check if someone here can recommend a development firm.

What should I expect it to cost?
How much time should it take to be ready (not including App Store approval


Shane Robinson Entrepreneur, Army veteran, MBA/MPA joint degree student

February 12th, 2013

-- I imagine others on this thread may at some point consider hiring a dev
company to help with tech needs, so I\'ll include my response here to
everyone --


Part of my time is dedicated to managing a technology incubator that
specializes in developing ground-up solutions, mobile and web.

Here\'s a list of the products we\'ve developed.

Mobile apps

- Postography<http://www.chicagotribune.com/chi-mobile-ipad-detail,0,1691185.htmlpage>(paywall
library used by dozens of newspapers, eg the Baltimore Sun and
Chicago Tribune)
- The CBS iPhone app
- American Express iPhone app
- TeePublic
- Rexly
- Waffle
- Tensource
- WhereWithAll
- Wyst
- KidNimble
- Dynomighty
- Cititap
- Listenfirst
- BlinkBuggy


- Ralph Lauren
- JCrew
- Nine West
- Barneys
- RateYourBurn
- AMC Theaters

Really can\'t sing our team\'s praises enough, as most of us are
former/current entrepreneurs who look at any project from the perspective
of the founders, not as mere contractors. We frequently help clients, many
of whom are startups, not only to build their initial products, but also to
connect with VCs and full time talent when appropriate. We are contributing
writers to periodicals like TechCrunch, Forbes, Wired and others, so we
definitely stay abreast with the latest technologies and trends in the

We are a small team so we only take on select projects, and usually only on
a referral basis, but if you (or anyone else) are interested in talking,
give me a shout!


Salman Iftikhar CoFounder RagTag , Entrepreneurship

October 3rd, 2018

Please share details with me. Skype : msalmaniftikhar