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Axel Meierhoefer

Founder of MaxMomentum Institute - we help small & medium sized companies 2x leads & conversions using our unique system

I am pretty new to San Diego county and am in the process of establishing my 11 year old company here. With the move of both our home and the company, I saw a good opportunity to change some of my approaches. I have founded the Max Momentum institute with the aim to help companies learn how to develop their business in revenues, profits and clients. We can also do that work for client for a higher fee.

When we first started the institute we were aiming at all companies that would be interested. Now my new approach in the new location is to partner with accounting and bookkeeping firms to help them and their clients.

I have started networking and reaching out via LinkedIn but haven't had much success getting them on a table to discuss how a partnership that benefits them, their clients, and the institute looks like.

Any suggestions how to get these intro-meetings quicker and easier would be much appreciated. I could also offer no-cost workshop intros 1x/month if the community here feels that would work.

Thanks for your help